Dear Clubs
The LSERSA AGM is being held on Wednesday 9th November 2011 at Bromley Ski Centre at 7.00pm.  There are several committee members who have stepped down this year and I wondered whether you could please forward this to all of your members asking whether any of them would be willing to stand for one of the vacant positions - listed below (those marked E are Executive positions.)   The committee meet approx 4 times a year.  Some of the positions require attendance and help at the LSERSA Regional races throughout the year.   
Those interested should contact me directly if they wish to be nominated for a committee position.   I need to have all nominations by midnight on Tuesday 25th October 2011.
I do hope that some of our members will be happy to volunteer to be part of the team helping our racers in the region.  If anyone has any proposals they wish to have raised at the AGM can they please let me have these in writing by midnight on Wednesday 26th October 2011.  An Agenda will be circulated prior to the meeting.

LSERSA meetings are open to all members and if anybody wishes to attend can they also please let me know so that refreshments can be organised.   
Positions where committee are not standing for re-election or are currently vacant

Chair (E)
Vice Chair (E)
Regional Child Welfare Officer (E)
Publicity & Press Officer (E)
Chief of Race
Assistant Race Secretary
Marketing & Sponsorship
Equipment Officer
Nordic Representative
Sports Development Officer - North Kent
Sports Development Officer - South Kent
Also both the Race Secretary and the Treasurer positions will become vacant in November 2012 and we would like to receive nominations for people who would consider taking over at that time and learning the ropes during the coming year.
thank you
Sue Vale
LSERSA Regional Secretary
Below is the text version of the attached document






For the Attention of All Members


The Regional Annual General Meeting will be held at 7.00pm on Wednesday 9th November 2011 at Bromley Ski Centre, Sandy Lane, St Paul’s Cray, Orpington, BR5 3HY.


Written notice of all proposals to be put to the General Meeting must be received by Sue Vale ( by midnight on Wednesday 26th October.  An Agenda will then be circulated. 


Nominations for committee positions must be received by Sue Vale ( by midnight on Tuesday 25th October.   All nominations must be proposed and seconded by current full member clubs of LSERSA.


Should there be more than one person standing for any position, a vote will be taken by a show of hands at the AGM.  Each club affiliated to LSERSA is entitled to 1 vote.  We hope that as many clubs as possible will be represented at the AGM.


Kind regards




Sue Vale

LSERSA Regional Secretary



A list of committee positions is attached.  Positions marked in blue are members of the Executive Committee.  A list of current Committee Members is on the LSERSA website.  There are several members of the committee who, due to personal or work commitments, are stepping down this year.






Chairman (E)


1st Regional Rep at SSE Council

Vice Chair (E)

2nd regional Rep at SSE Council

Regional Secretary (E)

Regional Treasurer (E)

Chair of Race Committee (E)

Regional Child Welfare Officer (E)

Publicity & Press Officer (E)

Chief of Race

Coaching Co-Ordinator (E)

Chief of Calcs – Timing


Assistant Chief of Calcs – Timing

Race Secretary

Assistant Race Secretary


Regional Coach

Assistant Regional Coach

Equipment Officer

Assistant Equipment Officer

Snowboarding Representative

Nordic Representative

SSCD/Adaptive Skiing Representative

Athlete’s Representative

Freestyle Representative

Sports Development Officer (Kent North)

Sports Development Officer (Kent South)

Sports Development Officer (Surrey)