Dear Clubs
I would be grateful if you could look at the attached documents from SSE and BSS which recommend a complete change to the way our younger skiers race on all formats, snow, artificial and plastic. As a region we will be submitting our feedback and it would be great if we can include some feedback from clubs and members.   If any of you have any feedback you would like me to include then I would be grateful if you could get this to me by the 14th November, sorry for quick turnaround.  Or if you just want to let me have your opinions on how you feel this will work or not!
If I have read this correctly what it is suggesting is that any racer aged 14 or under will not be able to compete in national races with poles and will only be able to race with stubbies and they recommend competing in Combi courses using stubbies.  Any racer 14 and under will not have any of these races seeded and therefore will not be part of the BARTS list and able to reduce seed points even if they have so far been competing in seeded races.   I would imagine this would mean that the race day events would be even longer as they would now have to set several courses with course inspection aswell as they will run seperate races for the categories of 16 under and all categories 14 and under.
Although the documents state these are recommendations BSS have in fact already implemented this for the British Alpine Championships.
I would welcome any comments you may wish to make.  Certainly when I discussed this with some adults at LSERSA training yesterday there were some very unhappy parents.
Sue Vale
LSERSA Regional Secretary

Subject: RE: Recommendations for changes to the competition structure of alpine racing
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2012 22:30:33 +0000

Dear Sue,


My apologies for not getting these documents to you sooner. Please find three documents attached. The one with Race Structure in the title contains two tables of proposed BSS recommendations for Snow and Dry slope/Indoor Racing. The second document contains the rationale and evidence and the third is just to help structure the feedback if you find that easier. Iím more than happy to accept feedback in any form though. Please share this document with any coaches in the region. I want to get as much together as I can so I can go back to BSS and represent the views of our clubs, regions, members and anyone else who has a stake in this.


Please note that this is a BSS document, it is not endorsed by Snowsport England.


Iím happy to discuss any of the recommendations in more detail. I used to race on the dry slope circuit (I do miss the fresh bacon rolls at a race on a Sunday morning!) so Iíve got a reasonable understanding of what is and isnít feasible for dry slope racing.


Again, apologies for these documents not getting to you in the first round of emails.






Ian Findlay

Talent Development Officer - Snowsport England

+44 7841819915 (Mobile)  


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Recommendations for changes to the competition structure of alpine racing

23 October 2012 11:13

From: Ian Findlay

CC: Andrea Grant


Dear All,


Please find attached two documents produced by BSS on recommendations for changes to the competition structure of alpine racing. At this stage it is important to highlight that these are just recommendations and I feel itís important that as Snowsport England we gather feedback from key individuals who are on the ground delivering so we can take this feedback to BSS.


You may see a similar document from Snowsport Scotland. We have decided to split the document in two so we can focus on the key issues and make it easier to gather feedback. The proposed recommendations will be the same in any document you see from either SSE or SSS.

The document with RACE STRUCTURE in the title contains two tables outlining the potential changes to the race structure for both alpine snow and artificial surfaces. This is the key section of the document and where Iíd appreciate your feedback.


For ease of feedback, Iíve provided a word document with two blank tables which will hopefully allow you to input your key points on each proposed recommendation by discipline and age group. By all means provide more feedback in an email if you wish.


The second document entitled Rationale and Evidence contains the research to support these recommendations.


Please feedback to myself and Andrea Grant (CCíd in) and I will collate this feedback and report back to BSS. Should anyone wish to discuss any of the recommendations over the phone then my number is listed at the bottom of this email, donít hesitate to get in touch.






Ian Findlay

Talent Development Officer - Snowsport England

+44 7841819915 (Mobile)  





From: Sue Vale []
Sent: 29 October 2012 14:54
Subject: Recommendations for changes to the competition structure of alpine racing


Dear Ian
I am Regional Race Secretary for LSERSA and it appears I did not receive a copy of the email you sent out on 23rd October but have heard about it from another region.
Can you please forward me the email with the response word document attached please
thank you and regards
Sue Vale
Regional Race Secretary