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A letter has been sent by the English Ski Council to all the English Ski Council Regional Secretaries. The letter is dated the 20th July 1999 but was only received by the LSERSA Regional Secretary within the last few days. The following is the full text of the letter which is not signed:

To: ESC Regional Secretaries

The Board of the English Ski Council has today (7th July 1999) received the resignation of Chris Exall from his position as President and Director of the English Ski Council. This has been a personal decision made by Chris due to a combination of work commitments, personal reasons, and an orchestrated campaign to discredit him within the ski industry. The majority of the Board regrets his decision and deplores the way the campaign against him has been conducted. Chris has been instrumental in moving the ESC forward and it is felt that his expertise should not be lost completely.

Due to the resignation of Dennis Edwards and the redundancy of John Shedden the ESC is currently without any in house technical expertise. The Board feels that this situation is not acceptable and that this vacuum must be filled as soon as possible.

To this end a Technical Panel is being formed to fulfil the need of all the roles and responsibilities previously held by Dennis and John. The Board has asked Chris to lead this panel due to his first hand knowledge of the current Coaching Scheme and the ESC’s relationships with the other HNGB’s involved in the UK Coach Award Scheme. The other members of the panel will be advised in due course and asked to accept their roles in it.

This of course means the demise of the Coaching Committee in its current form and because of this Chris will also resign as Chair of Coaching when the Coaching Committee is dissolved, in the interim the Coaching Committee will cease to meet and function. This is simply because the Coaching Committee can only be shut down by a general meeting.


20TH JULY 1999



The Committee of LSERSA are anxious that all involved in the sport of skiing know about information that was laid before the Board of the English Ski Council relating to inaccuracies and irregularities in Chris Exall’s statements to the Membership of the English Ski Council before both his election to the Board in 1998 and his election as President (Chairman of that Board) in 1999. These are kept on file at Companies House and are therefore within the public domain.

A Ski goods retailer very active in the LSERSA region who had suffered financially as a result of the failure of a company for which Chris Exall was a director pointed out these facts to the Committee of LSERSA. These matters were first drawn to the attention of the ESC in October 1998 but no action was taken.

When passing this information on to the Board of the English Ski Council LSERSA stated that as a result Chris Exall was not a fit person to either Chair the English Ski Council, be a Director of the English Ski Council or to Chair the Coaching Committee.

There was no "campaign" against Chris Exall merely a statement that regulations had been broken and that he must therefore stand-down from the respective posts. For the current Board of the English Ski Council to issue a statement that it "deplores the way the campaign against him (Chris Exall) has been conducted" is entirely unacceptable.

The Board of the English Ski Council has had an unrivalled opportunity to address several deep-seated problems that have existed in lack of accountability within the organisation for several years. The Committee of LSERSA commends the Board for most of the actions that it has taken since its inception but deplores the statement referred to above and demands their retraction.

The facts regarding Mr Exall’s activity which were referred to the Board of the English Ski Council are as follows:

  1. Chris Exall failed to disclose to the Membership of the ESC, as required by the Standing Orders of the ESC, the fact that he was a director and company secretary of Icecastle Limited before his election in 1998 and that the company had been dissolved after being wound-up by the Court.
  2. Chris Exall failed to disclose to the Membership, as required by the Standing Orders of the ESC, directorships of another two dissolved companies, which had also been wound up by the Court before his election in 1998.
  3. He did not disclose this information to the Company Secretary of the ESC, which meant the documents submitted to Companies House were in breach of company law.
  4. He did not make full disclosures of these matters before the 1999 elections.
  5. In addition it was revealed that Chris Exall had three outstanding unsatisfied County Court Judgements. (Newcastle, Sunderland and Watford)
  6. All this information is in the public domain and known to the Board of the ESC.

The Committee of LSERSA insists that the Board of the English Ski Council withdraw its request to Chris Exall to lead a new Technical Panel. There are many excellent and committed volunteers within the Coaching Community who are available to fill the tasks that remain to be carried out after the departure of John Shedden and Dennis Edwards and Chris Exall.

The Performance Coaching of the Squad, previously carried out by Dennis Edwards, is an area which now provides additional opportunities for the English Ski Council to comply with one of the 10 point plans agreed with the Sports Council under which it undertook to achieve joint training of British and Home Nations Teams and Squads. England is lucky that it has many committed Performance Coaches who are prepared to step into the breach.

Regarding the work of the Coaching Committee we understand that the new Board of the ESC are making arrangements for the administration of the existing Coaching system to be adequately maintained and for courses to be available for all those who require them.

The Committee of LSERSA would urge all registered Coaches with experience to put themselves forward as volunteers to the Coaching Committee of the English Ski Council. It is not necessary to dissolve this Committee which has only fallen into disuse under its previous Chairman.