LSERSA - Freestyle News - 7th April 2006

Freestyle News - 7th April 2006

The next Freestyle competition that will take place will be the Xscape Moguls Challenge, which will take place at Xscape, Castleford on April 22nd. To register for the comp you need to goto and register on-line.
Water Ramp session dates are now available for Summer 2006, starting May 13th, a full list of dates can be found by going to the above web site and clicking on Diary, the cost of the sessions are 10 each, however this is reduced to 7.50 if you book all your sessions at once and book 5 or more.
Finally, there is a Freestyle Aerials Coaches course running at Sheffield (on the water ramp) on July 1st & 2nd. If you want to do the course there are more details on the web site.

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