LSERSA - Freestyle News - 2nd June 2008

Freestyle News - 2nd June 2008

  The next Freestyle competition will be the Moguls & Big Air event at Kendal this Saturday. Entry is in advance only and via the Freestyle Web Site. More details about the event are also available on the web site. Please note this is the last reminder that will be sent out about this event..
 The next Grom camp will be this Sunday (8th June) at Rossendale and then again at Tamworth on 10th June. For more details consult the diary.
 The next leg of the British Ski Cross Series will be on June 15th at Braehead. For more details consult the diary.
Finally, there have been some issues with the date and venue of the Yorkshire Champs, which was due to be held on June 21st. It is now looking like this will happen on June 29th. If you have already entered the competition you will be sent details of this via the competition secretary, who will ask you if you want to transfer to the new date or want to have a refund.
The results from the 2008 Sheffield Freeze are now available

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