LSERSA - Freestyle News - 6th August 2008

Freestyle News - 6th August 2008

The next Freestyle competition to take place will be the No Snow, Who Cares? event taking place at Bromley Ski Slope on August 16th. For more details, click here
 Following this there will be the British Artificial Moguls event which will take place on Sept 6th at Xscape, Castleford. Entry to this event is on-line only and is open for entries now by clicking here. You should also be aware that on this weekend there will be Eric Berthon over from France. He will be running the training for the competition and also the moguls training session the following evening. There will also be an additional squad training session 12-3pm on Sunday 7th, as well as the usual 5-8pm session. You should book onto these sessions in the usual way, see below.
 The next moguls training session will be at Castleford on August 24th. Note that the session on 7th Sept will be taken by Eric Berthon, as well as the extra afternoon session. To book onto these courses you need to goto the Xscape Web site and select on-line booking, skiing, recreational ski & then Sunday Moguls training.

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