LSERSA - Freestyle News - 9th March 2009

Freestyle News - 9th March 2009

 The next Freestyle competition will be the Brits 09 in Laax, Switzerland. If you have not entered the competitions as yet, or need details on Insurance & accommodation have a look at the Brits Web Site. The event will be taking place 28th March to 4th April 2009.
 Following this there will be the Moguls Challenge at Xscape, Castleford. Full details and on-line entry is available here. The event will be taking place from 12pm on May 2nd 2009.
 For those of looking towards the summer don't forget about the summer camps will be running 11th July to 8th August, with the Saas Fee ride on 18th July 2009. Full details can be obtained from the web site.
 Also don't forget that the Moguls sessions take place at Xscape every other Sunday from 2pm for 3 hours. The next session will be on 22nd March. To book on this, and future sessions click here.

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