LSERSA - Freestyle News - 13th April 2009

Freestyle News - 13th April 2009

Moguls Challenge. The next Freestyle competition will be the Moguls Challenge at Xscape, Castleford on May 2nd 2009. Bib collection is at 11:30 and the moguls event will start at 12 noon with course inspection and training. As this is advance entry only, you can check out the complete details and on-line entry at the Freestyle Web Site.
For those of you looking for moguls training on mountain snow we have some details of a training camp that will take place in Norway. Should you want more details on this, just e-mail me, Martin Carr, and I will send you the relevant details.
While on the matter of summer training there will be the usual training camp and Ride competition in Saas Fee. Details about this can be found here.
Finally, there are the Sunday moguls training sessions that take place at Xscape, Castleford. These happen every other Sunday. You can find the dates by clicking here.

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