LSERSA - Freestyle News - 23rd September 2009

Freestyle News - 23rd September 2009

The British Snow Tour has started, but there are still two more events to go. This Saturday in Glasgow there is the Skier Cross and Rail Jam, then the following week there is the slopestyle at Castleford. While on matter of Castleford, the next moguls training session will take place on Sunday 4th Oct.
Those of you who are wanting to do the Freestyle coaching awards should have a look at the Freestyle Web site for details of the course modules that will be taking place in October.
Grom camp news - the next session will take place Oct 29th at Chill Factore, Manchester 7pm.
Looking a little more into the future there will be the Stomp 2 at Sheffield Ski Village on November 7th. There is also the moguls training camp, taking place in Tignes, during the last week of October.
For complete details of all these events and links to entry sites just visit the Freestyle Web Site.
Finally, that time of year has come around again, the ski show time. Those of you who would like to be there to ski should look at the Urban Ride 09 - Qualification events to the London Ride 09. At each event 1 rider can pre Qualify for the London Ride:
  • Monday 5th - Castleford
  • Tuesday 6th - Tamworth
  • Wednesday 7th - Chill Factore
  • Thursday 8th - Milton Keynes
  • Friday 9th - Hemel Hempstead

See London Ride 09 - Showcase event of the Metro Ski + Snowboard Show on Saturday 24th October 2009. 1pm Qualifications and 4pm the Finals.

Update - 28th September - Stomp 2
DATE: 7th November 2009
VENUE: Sheffield Ski Village
Bib collection will be at 12.30pm with a practice / elimination jam session starting at 1.00pm. The final will be at 5.30 pm followed by prize giving at 7.00pm.
Age categories will be Kids - Under 14. Youth - Under 16. Junior Under 18 and Senior Over 18. These will apply to male and female. Then there will be an overall title male/female.
On-line entry will be available soon.


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