Roller Ski News - 12th March 2007

Roller Ski News - 12th March 2007

Spring's in the air, St Patrick's day is on Saturday and now's a great time to be out skiing in the parks and countryside - and enjoying rollerskiing for the sake of rollerskiing!


Begins THIS SATURDAY (17th March) in Hyde Park, and for the following 3 Saturdays. 11.30, Serpentine Road. Price - 85 includes equipment hire.

Beginners and improvers are welcome, and if you miss a session you can make it up at a later date.

To book, go to


On Sunday 25th March. We will have 2 levels - Level 1 which is suitable for beginners. Level 2 with advanced skills and instruction.

Cost is 45, which includes lunch and all equipment.

Alan Eason - one of the UK's top ski racers - will be leading the Level 2 course. We're lucky to have Alan for this course, as he spends most of his year competing in Europe, or training and teaching in Australia. Book now to make the most of his up to date knowledge.

To book, go to


These continue as normal in Hyde Park and Richmond Park, with an excellent informal vibe. To book go to


Congrats to those who took part in the orienteering competition in Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens on Saturday - it was amusing for me to read the results, as some of you mistook a buffalo for a bull, and two bears for two mice (this will mean nothing to non-attendees - apologies for that!) This Saturday's session will be led by Alan Eason, and will focus on technique. 9.15-11.15 in Hyde Park.


Yesterday saw just over 120 Brits take part in the Engadin skimarathon. It was particularly pleasing to see so many people that we had helped train, or had provided equipment to, doing so well despite the stiff headwind.

A special mention must go to Alex Marfin, who knocked no less than 2.5 hours off his time of last year, finishing in just over 3 hours. Proof, if proof were needed, of the benefits of rollerski training - and of not doing the Engadin on classic skis! Likewise Tom 'Douglas' Court who improved by over 80 minutes compared with 2006. Pat Burtis (who Hyde Park regulars will have seen whizzing around on his Marwe 610s) was fastest 'Brit', in just over 2.5hours - and intends to be back next year to knock some time off that. Congratulations also to the Manchester cross-country ski team who put in many fine individual performances.

Novices worth celebrating include Gary Aston, who has been out training regularly in Richmond Park; young Emma Foden-Pattison who came with her mother, somehow managing to get time off school; Mary English, Andy Grant and Emma Barker, who have all been training in
Hyde Park; Glennis Dore, whose rise over the past 12 months has been an inspiration to all; and to Agnieszka Krukowska who was so unfairly cut off for being too slow to reach St Moritz (and who I hope will be back next year for revenge!).

It's an excellent event - which can be tackled by anyone with reasonable fitness and preparation - and has an addictive quality
which lures people back year after year!


Hopefully many of you ski marathon-ers and potential racers can make it on our Bristol to Bath trip. It is actually going to be on
Saturday 21st April (I think I said 22nd April previously). Reasonable fitness is required, but out and out speed is not a
pre-requisite, and there will be plenty of time to stop and recover at the pub towards the end.

This is a great informal chance to meet other skiers, and to get a pretty solid workout. It's one of our favourite routes, with 15 miles
of smooth, traffic-free tarmac and mostly through gentle countryside.

For more details see


The shop has been doing a roaring trade in the last week, and we have added several new rollerskis, and a particularly high class rollerski pole to the lineup. Prices are competitve - packages in particular. For more details go to

If you have any anecdotes you would like to share regarding the Engadin or other ski races you have been in this year, please let me know and I will produce a report for the website and the next email I send out.

Well done for reading this far!

Best regards,

Iain Ballentine
Roller ski instruction & cross-country skiing

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T: 020 8348 2540

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