Roller Ski News - 5th April 2007

Roller Ski News - 5th April 2007

Just a reminder that our Instruction sale ends tomorrow, Good Friday, midnight.

We have lots of classes taking place over the next couple of months - we'd urge you to make the most of the spring weather and long, sunny evenings.

Book a class session for 15, or a 4-week course for 75. Dulwich Park is a new venue for a 4-week course.

To choose a class, go to -
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We've found the following article about Alan Eason, who has just returned from the FIS Nordic World Championships in Japan.

It highlights the problems facing anyone from the UK hoping to cross-country ski at an international level, and is a credit to Alan's resourcefulness and determination to overcome the obstacles in his way.


Web stats - last month we had over 10,000 page impressions and 2,000 visits! I don't know whether this is good or bad - it's the first month we've had this reporting technology... Thanks to Fergus Bisset for his help.

Have a very Happy Easter, and hope to see you soon!

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