Roller Ski News – 2nd January 2008

Happy New Year, Happy New challenge. We hope our rollerski courses will get you fitter and skiing better, but also open up a world of opportunities - to make more of ski holidays on snow, to improve performance in other sports, to help you take on a ski race or just get in shape again.

We look forward to teaching you in 2008, and to see where rollerskiing will take you,


Already 46 British competitors have entered the Engadin Skimarathon, the 40th in the race's history. I recognise 16 of the competitors entered, and expect a few more to appear soon (my own included). There's still time to enter and get prepared for it (from scratch if necessary). The standard race length is 42k, but this year there's also a 21k option. Last year over 120 Brits took part in it, making it the largest 'British' XC ski race outside the British Champs. The website is and you can see this year's GB entries at


We have 3 courses coming up for classic and skating rollerskiing -

4-week beginners classic rollerski course, Hyde Park, Starts this Sat, 5th January at 11.30 - see

4-week beginners skating rollerski course, Hyde Park, Starts following Sat, 12th January at 11.30 - see (ideal preparation for Engadin beginners)

6-week Level 2 classic evening course, Hyde Park, Wednesdays starting 9th January, 18.05 in Hyde Park - see (ideal preparation for classic ski marathons and arctic races, the autumn classic evening course was one of the most popular courses of 2007)

1-day Dorney course, Beginners and Intermediate/Advanced groups, Skating and Classic rollerskiing, Sunday 13th January from 10.00-16.00 - see

Classes at Hyde Park, Richmond Park and Dorney can be booked at


A good chance to look back at some of the rollerski highlights of 2007, as inspiration for 2008 - This shows some of the challenges rollerskiing can lead on to - races on snow and rollerskis, tours, biathlon, masterclasses, etc. and highlights individual achievements.


Our club sessions resume on Saturday, 9.15 for 9.30 start. Training to resume in earnest! See for more details and to join.


Has been very good so far - plenty of it around, and quite cold in most parts of Europe. For anyone making the transition from rollerskiing to snow for the first time, I'd definitely recommend getting some instruction on snow. There are a few things which are different between rollerskis and cross-country skis (the absence of wheels on XC skis for a start...), and you will get off to a flying start with good instruction.

Some places (like Pontresina in the Engadin valley or Nordseter in Norway) have XC ski schools, where you can join classes or hire an instructor for a couple of hours, but I would definitely recommend getting onto a group trip, such as those offered by Exodus. A couple of the trips Exodus run, which I'd particularly recommend based on comments folk have made - are to be found at -


A very good article on building up base fitness, aimed at marathon racers -

Getting balance in the training you do -

And finally have a great 08, and look forward to seeing you again soon,

Best regards

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