I don't normally send a rollerski newsletter on a Friday, but thought it worthwhile doing so today. Normally June's a pretty quiet time for rollerskiing for us, but for some reason this year it's been one of our busiest months to date.

For this reason (and not helped by a rib injury, sustained mountain biking) I have much to do, but I suspect we'll have a quieter July and August to prepare for a busy autumn - when there's always an upsurge in interest. I've recently added the Dorney dates for the autumn, put on an additional summer skating course in Hyde Park, and updated the rollerski racing results. I'm also putting the finishing touches to a cross-country ski trip plan for next winter, which will be announced shortly.

Our aim now is to continue to introduce and nurture beginners to rollerskiing, and increasingly add new challenges for existing skiers.


I wasn't going to have another skating rollerski course until the autumn, but we had such a great, enthusiastic group for the last beginners' classic course that they all wanted to keep going. This skating course is 3 Saturdays from 12th July, 11.30-12.30 in Hyde Park and there are still a few spaces left. For more information see


It's not often we see rollerskiing on TV, but tomorrow afternoon (Saturday 5th July) you can see 'Summer Biathlon' on Eurosport -

16:30–18:00 for Eurosport International (analogue via satellite)
17:15–18:00 for British Eurosport (digital via cable/freeview)

The race is the Grand Prix in Dubendorf Switzerland.

Athletes the watch include Andrea Henkel, Kati Wilhelm, Martina Glagow, Sandrine Bailly, Helena Jonsson, Michael Greis, Michael Rösch, Vincent Defranse, Björn Ferry, Lars Berger (all famous on-snow biathletes).

Hopefully more rollerskiing later during the summer, with the City Biathlon event from Püttlingen. (Thanks to Richard Marston for this information).


Autumn dates for Dorney courses are now on the website. We've kept these to once a month, but rather than add more dates, we plan to add more groups. On our most popular day last spring we had over 30 skiers, with 5 instructors. In having a variety of groups, from beginners to racers, we can offer training that is better suited to individual levels of fitness and technique.

For anyone out of London wanting regular training, these are very good sessions, and you can come for either the whole day or just the skating or classic sessions.

It's very useful if you can book in advance for these courses, as it helps us plan instructors, but we always try to fit in last minute bookings as well. The next Dorney course is on Sunday 24th August - see


If you can already classic ski to a certain degree, you might be interested in joining our classic rollerski group in Hyde Park / Richmond Park on Wednesday evenings. The idea is for this to become an additional regular club session, but to get it going, it will focus initially on improving classic technique. The instructor is Yevgeniy Gorbenko, a former Russian cross-country ski coach.

These sessions are only £15 per week (the same price as our discounted rollerski classes, and the same price as our first rollerski sessions in 2005), and if they are as well supported as our rollerski club session on Saturday AM we hope to bring the price down for club members. We will still keep up classic skiing once a month on our Sat AM sessions. For more info and to book, go to


The last couple of weeks has seen rollerski racing in London, Durham and Aviemore. The highlight of the London rollerski racing year takes place this Saturday with the London 1-hour race at Hillingdon Cycle Circuit.

Well done to everyone who has got involved so far, and good luck to racers on Saturday! To see dates and results, go to


A few people have asked if we're doing a trip this year - the answer is yes. I won't reveal all just yet, but the plan is a week's ski holiday with instruction in Austria towards the end of February, followed by the (optional) Ganghoferlauf ski marathon.


I'm always fascinated to hear how rollerskiing is doing in Ireland. I was speaking recently to someone who rollerskis in Dublin, who came across a picture of a fellow on rollerskis at the 2007 Longford Marathon. Intrigued, he asked if it was OK to rollerski in this year's race - the response was 'well, we don't generally encourage it...' but clearly health and safety hasn't yet completely outlawed it either!

To see the man himself, go to Picture 184

BITS AND PIECES - World Cup rollerski racing begins - still snow in Sweden! - worth reading all the 'Pre-Season 2008' articles

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