Hope you had a good Easter holiday. Skiing's now behind most of us for the year but - as we always say - skiers are made in the summer, and now we're getting ready for evening training, cross-training, having fun and rollerski racing...

Hope you can join us for our Spring programme and keep your skiing going into the summer and beyond.


On Sunday 26th April our usual Dorney course will move to Hillingdon Cycle Track. This promises to be one of our most interesting 1-day courses - we have our full lineup of coaches available, and use of one of the best rollerski tracks in the country.

ALAN EASON will be leading the Level 2 coaching. This will be his last day of coaching before heading off to Australia and, as one of GB's leading cross-country skiers and coaches, he has lots of useful insights.

The track itself is situated in the heart of the Minet Country Park (near J3 of the M4) and is the venue for the majority of London's rollerski races. The surface is not quite as immaculately smooth as Dorney, but for any skier who has the basics, it is actually a much more challenging and interesting circuit.

To book this course, go to
To book just the morning and afternoon session, go to
For more information on the track, go to

We always have a great turnout for our end-of-April course, and we'd encourage and welcome all returning skiers. Hope you can make this one.


We will be holding 2 skating courses in Hyde Park this Spring:
    * Saturday mornings, starting 18th April, 11.30
    * Tuesday evenings, starting 5th May, 18.15

Please tell your friends all about this excellent way into rollerskiing / cross-country skiing! You or they can book at Our first evening courses of the year began last Tuesday, and it's a really good time of the year to be exercising outdoors.


We have a full range of rollerskis for sale - classic, skate, racing - and will soon be introducing offroad rollerskis. For our shop, see


Need a new challenge for the summer? The first rollerski race of the year begins within a month, the first race is on 10th May. This will be a 15k Free Technique race, with a 7.5k option. Free Technique means you can do any style you like - classic or skating - on any rollerski. Most of the faster racers will compete on fast racing rollerskis, but anyone can take part, on whatever skis you like, and it is great fun.

This first race takes place at Hillingdon Cycle Circuit. For more information on this and all the races, see


On Saturday, another British skier achieved under 120 FIS points in a XC ski race, meaning he can compete on the World Cup Circuit next season. Scottish skier Alex Standen will be joining Andrew Musgrave and Andrew Young in this elite group.

For some highlights of the GB Team's incredible year, some videos have been produced, and are well worth a look - see


I have posted some pictures of our recent XC ski trip to Seefeld, Austria online, which you can see at Plans are well underway for next year's trip, which will be in another village in Austria.


Our Rollerski Club in Hyde Park now has around 40 members, and we've welcomed half a dozen new members in the last few weeks. This Saturday we will be doing our annual trip from Bristol-Bath, and coming up we have a racing rollerski masterclass with (FIS Rollerski World Cup skier) Karolina Bicova, Ski Ganging at Turville in the Chilterns, and racing on 10th May. We will be getting new club kit soon, and welcome new skiers interested in either recreational skiing or performance training. For more information, see


'Spenst' - training for explosiveness on skis -

YouTube review of Petter Northug's success this season -

ACR report - last year, the BBC Ski Sunday presenter Graham Bell did the Arctic Circle Race. Here's a report on this year's race -

Interview with Philip Boit, Kenya's cross-country skier -

Hope to see you soon at a course or race - get in touch if you have any questions,

Good skiing,


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