The summer rollerski season is well underway. This is when you can really enjoy the good weather on rollerskis, as well as all the other activities which will make you a better skier come the winter.

Now's a good time to brush up on technique, and we have our last few courses of the summer coming up. At the moment we have fewer beginners so it's a good time to begin / refresh your skills if you prefer smaller groups. For more serious training, our Sat AM rollerski club offers good regular training and other challenges.

Anyway, there is much to say, as ever. Read on for news of courses, races, rollerskiing in the news, and other info...


We have a 1-day course on Sun 21st June. We'll have beginners and advanced groups, and this is our last day-course until the end of August and the autumn. See

Our last 4-week beginners' courses of the summer are coming up:

To book these, go to

Our only other course of the summer will be a Level 2 evening course with Yevgeniy & Ivan in Hyde Park / Richmond Park, aimed at aspiring racers and more advanced skiers. I'll send out info shortly separately, let me know if you'd be interested.


Snowsport England has announced its summer programme of rollerski courses and races. Organised in association with the British Masters Cross-Country Ski Association, these courses are well worth getting onto.

Coaches include Mike Dixon, former Olympic biathlete and Eurosport commentator. Details and booking form are at


The rollerski racing season is now well under way, with the first races in London and Scotland now having taken place.

The London race was a great start to the season. Well run by the London Region NSC - with appearances from the GB Nordic Ski team - this opening race had a bigger than ever turnout, including 18 from our Hyde Park group. You can find results and links to a race report and YouTube videos at

The next big races are the Cairngorm Hillclimb on 14th June, the Durham 10k classic on 27th June and the London 1-hour race on 4th July. These races are open to anyone, and are essential training for anyone hoping to race on snow.


The BBC came to try rollerskiing, and produced the following report:

Although we're not sure about their choice of rollerskis, it's great to see the profile of the sport heightened. The same reporter also joined Norman Foster to cover the Engadin Ski Marathon earlier in the year -


There is a lot of new good stuff in store this summer, with good deals to be had, especially with rollerski packages, boots and racing rollerskis:
Go to


Rollerskiing / cross-country skiing has always had a big appeal to rowers, and last year former Olympic champion rower, James Cracknell, took up roller skiing to prepare for a race to the South Pole.

James, with teammates Ben Fogle and Ed Coats, came to Dorney Lake to learn the basics, and subsequently put in a good few hours on rollerskis, to prepare for the race. A documentary film crew followed their journey, which will be televised later this month. To see the pictures, go to


Do a rollerski tour - you can find details on tours at

Interview with Dario Cologna -

Insight into Norwegian biathletes' summer training -

Street rollerski in Italy - NB GB rollerski racing is not as scary as this!

Relating summer rollerski & strength training to winter skiing -

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