ROLLERSKI NEWSLETTER - 12th September 2010

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ROLLERSKI NEWSLETTER - 12th September 2010

With the skiing season fast approaching, now's a very good time of the year to get into action, to prepare for the snow. If you're back from holidays and thinking of getting into a good training routine, we have a few ideas. And if you need to set yourself a winter challenge, there are any number of ski holidays and ski races you can get planning.

Now's a very good time to do this. The ski marathon races across Europe are seeing an astonishing level of interest this season, and are continuing to grow in popularity (see below).

Our Autumn programme has a lot in it for beginners and an increasing amount for returning skiers - including our club programme, and hillier Level 2 courses at Hog Hill, East London. If you plan on racing, make sure you join our team for the Wessex Sprint rollerski races next month. And if you have any juniors, we'll have a special juniors' group at Dorney.

Our main course coming up is a 6-week classic and skating course beginning 11.30 on Saturday 2nd Oct - see
Our next Dorney Lake 1-day courses (Level 1 and 2) are on 19th September and 17th October, with a special juniors' group on the September day. For more information, see We've proficiency awards in October and December.
Our last evening course of the year is in Richmond Park, starting Wednesday, see

We also have a t-shirts offer this month, see

Our regular club in Hyde Park and Richmond Park springs back into life in September, and we hope to have 3 instructors for each Hyde Park session from now onwards - 2 for skating, 1 for classic. If you want regular training, and a mix of being pushed to work hard, and being coached to improve technique, this is well worth getting involved with. We're organising a drinks session on 23rd September - email our club secretary if you're not yet a member and would like to come along.

The club will be focusing on rollerski race preparation over the next few weeks. There is a great choice of rollerski races coming up, including:

SAT 26th September - LONDON SPRINTS -
SUN 10th October - LONDON 4-HOUR RACE -
SUN 24th October - WESSEX SPRINTS -

The London Sprints is great fun, and will sharpen you up. The 4-hour race is an annual epic, ideal for getting distance in. The Wessex Sprints attracts a huge turnout and has excellent prizes and a really smooth course. We're putting in a big team for Wessex - last year we were challenged to bring 50 skiers to this race, and that's what we'd like to do.

The team will be made up mainly of our Hyde Park and Richmond Park regulars, but anyone can join us, and we'd be very glad if you did. See

The cross-country ski holiday company XCUK did an interview with me to mark the 5th anniversary of - you can read a shortened version of the interview at if you haven't already had enough.

There is a new website launched on behalf of the organisers of the GB Rollerski Race Series. This gives some information on the Series and lists upcoming events and results. For more information, see

Our Facebook page is now liked by over 200 people. Who'd have thought it. See

There's now a cross-country ski track making machine at Glenmore near Aviemore in Scotland, raring to go as soon as snow arrives. You can read more about it here:

Here's a review of the equipment we now sell:

VIDEOS - a selection:
BIATHLON summer training, v. good -
DOUBLE POLING from the inimitable Swedish -
ATHLETE Kikkan Randall on key to success -
Places on our two cross-country ski holidays / courses / marathons are filling up now. You can find out more about the trips at Good if you want some of the best on-snow coaching around.

All the places on this year's Vasaloppet and Marcialonga have now been filled - see This is a lot earlier than last year, and it all looks set to be a great year for cross-country skiing, snow permitting.

There are still plenty of other races to choose from, including the subsidiary races of the main Vasaloppet. You can find more races at our ski marathon page - (soon to be update for 2010/11). Intrestingly, the number of hits for this page in the last 12 months (5,638) is up 67% on the previous 12 months (3,367). Some of the smaller races are actually a lot better in my opinion, and they often put on a great feast afterwards for competitors to enjoy.

We know people really enjoy our sessions when they send a friend along (or really don't enjoy it, if they send an enemy). I've had a lot of t-shirts / training tops printed lately, and if you or a friend books a Hyde Park / Richmond Park course before end of September, you or they will get a free top. (Sub Zero tops are like Helly Hansen tops, except better). This is for 6-week and 4-week courses this Autumn, see

There are also various random bits of news and links at the Facebook page, which I try to keep updated between newsletters, for general amusement.

Anyway, that's it for now. Look forward to hearing from you, and hope you enjoy your rollerskiing / training this Autumn.

Best regards,

Iain Ballentine
Roller ski instruction & rollerski shop

M: 07968 286129
T: 020 8348 2540

Rollerski High Viz Craft jacket on sale -

Rollerskiing in the news -

Club Facebook page -

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