ROLLERSKI NEWSLETTER - 27th October 2010

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ROLLERSKI NEWSLETTER - 27th October 2010


It's a great and continual challenge, organising and encouraging people to rollerski here in the UK. We try lots of different things to bring people in, and keep it interesting - which I hope we do.

Last Sunday we took an excellent team of 20+ to the Wessex Sprints at Castle Combe (aged 13 to 50+), and had fun racing teams from across the UK, and the Army - lots of good performances and improvements. On Friday I met up with Rob Dorward, who started rollerskiing only 2 years ago, and is now about to head off for GB Biathlon trials in Norway. It really is a sport for all to enjoy, at every level.

I've written more about all of this below, and also details of a very special offer coming up with the website. Hope you find it all very interesting and hope to see you soon.


Our next Dorney course is on Sunday 7th November, with the next one on the 21st November. Our final course of the year is on 5th December. Alan Eason will be back from his travels for the Level 2 course on the 21st Nov (and hopefully also in December), and we'll also be doing skills awards in December. See -

We have a 6-week course beginning on Saturday in Hyde Park,
And a skating 4-week course starting on Saturday 6th November, with a classic course beginning later in November, see


We had a pretty good turnout for the racing recently. Felicity Bertram and Tucker Murphy won the ladies' and mens' categories of the 4-hr race. Felicity runs our juniors and Richmond session and Tucker was at the Vancouver Olympics representing the British colony of Bermuda. Full results at

Wessex was another successful race, this time we won first and second prizes in the ladies' 3x3k relay and won first and second places in the mens' 9k individual race. We were also second in the mens' 4x10k race (to the Biathlon National Development Squad). Results aren't up yet, but will be soon at


This year we have two athletes challenging for places on the British Biathlon Team. Rob Dorward and Paul Gorbold leave for selections in Norway soon, and we wish them well. See


One thing I'm really keen on is getting new people into rollerskiing. Last year we went to the British Ski & Board Show, and this year we're doing a special offer with a leading 'social discounting' company, LivingSocial.

Tomorrow (we think) the LivingSocial website will be offering the chance to book onto very significantly discounted rollerski lessons, and hopefully we'll get a lot of new people to come along and try it. You can find out more by signing up to the website, and you'll be sent an email with the offer. You can find out more about LivingSocial's setup here -


The economy's been presenting some interesting challenges lately, but cross-country ski holidays seem to be bearing up well (according to the people in charge). Cross-country skiing lacks the expense of lift passes, and the equipment is a fraction of the cost, and is a great experience. I remind people that cross-country skiing is downhill skiing (plus uphill skiing, plus skiing on the flat).

Our on-snow trips are filling up well. We still have places on our Januray trip to Obertilliach, and have added another trip to Hochfilzen in February focusing on classic technique. (Our trip to Hochfilzen for the Koasalauf race is now full). You can find out more and book at - Alan Eason, who runs the trips, has just won Snowsport England's Robert Hovey trophy for outstanding contribution to British cross-country skiing.


If you have the time to read blogs, GB Cross-Country skier Andrew Young's is worth a visit - Andrew Young, Callum Smith and Alex Standen are now more or less living in Norway, as is fellow skier and teammate Andrew Musgrave.


FIS shake up cross-country formats:
Australian ski waxing video:
Advice re interval training:
Ski strength training (take care):

Hope your preparation for the winter's going well,

Best regards,
Iain & The Team

Iain Ballentine
Roller ski instruction & rollerski shop

M: 07968 286129
T: 020 8348 2540

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