ROLLERSKI NEWSLETTER - 1st December 2010

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ROLLERSKI NEWSLETTER - 1st December 2010

The snow is here, not just in the UK, but across Europe - looking very good.

In the last month we've had lots of people - new and old - rollerskiing in Hyde Park, and our full team of instructors in action. If you can brave the weather, you will have a good session. In the months ahead we have plenty of sessions - in Hyde Park, Dorney, Richmond and Dulwich - and we're focusing on getting good rollerski technique to take onto snow.

It's been great to see so many beginners get involved lately, and if you have any questions, please get in touch. This newsletter has lots of XC ski news, details of sessions coming up and a special focus on the biathlon season, which begins today.


If you haven't been to Dorney lately, don't forget about it.

It comes into its own at this time of the year if you're preparing for skiing and want to work on technique and balance. Smooth, flat tracks and a location that is easy to get to by car, makes it worth a trip. We have our last course of the year this Sunday, 5th December, and we'll have groups for beginners, and a more advanced group with Alan Eason.

Dates for January - April are also now up. See


We have our New Year beginners' courses and classes taking off on 8th January, in Hyde Park. As usual, there's a big build-up from January through to the end of March, with people coming to get ready for holidays and ski marathons.

You can book onto a refresher class -
Or, there is a 4-week beginners' skating course -

We also have a beginners' course on Sundays in Dulwich Park scheduled - please come or spread the word among anyone in South London who might be interested. We reckon it would be good to establish a regular base for rollerskiing south of the river. See


For our regular club skiers, we welcome to London the Lithuanian Olympic skier, Mantas Strolia. Mantas competed in the Vancover Winter Games this year and put in some very good performances. You can see him in action in the video below (start at 33.15, number 9 in yellow) -

Mantas will be along to Hyde Park shortly, and we hope to get him involved with coaching.


If there's only a couple of inches of snow, and you want to ski (classic or skate technique), try your local golf course. It is amazing how good the skiing can be on golf courses, and your skis do not damage the grass, as your weight is spread over such a long surface (it's probably better than walking). You're never far from a golf course in the UK, and most don't specifically prohibit cross-country skiing...


If you're looking forward to the biathlon, the World Cup kicks off on today (Wednesday) with the 15k ladies' race in Oestersund, SWE. The IBU cup (the 'Formula 2' of biathlon) has already begun, with some good performance from the Brits. Kevin Kane was 29th / 101 and just over 5% behind the winner on the 10k sprint on Sunday.

Mike Dixon of the Cairngorm Biathlon & Nordic Ski Club in Scotland brings news that two of his athletes, Callum Irvine and Scott Dixon, have been selected to compete in the European Youth Olympics in biathlon in February. This is good news for the future of GB biathlon. You can find out more about this at

Some good news also from our London Hyde Park team - Paul Gorbold made it onto the GB IBU cup team and has raced at the two IBU Cup races so far, getting off to a good start with his new international career. Sadly Rob Dorward didn't make it onto the team, but he is possibly in a better situation, as he's now able to focus more on his on training in just his second season on snow.

There is a lot of good stuff on the BBU website, and on the IBU website, http://www.biathlonworld/com where you can watch the races live and re-watch them afterwards. Eurosport offers the same pictures, but with good commentary on TV and also now on the internet for only �3.99 per month - - check out the demo.


We now have a full range of Salomon Equipe 9 Skate Skis, as well as ski bags and waxes. We don't have all the classic skis at the moment, due to excessive demand / insufficient supply, but we're working on this, and hope to get more classic skis shortly. We are, however, fully stocked with boots and rollerskis.

We have new rollerski / cross-country ski gloves and pole bags. For Christmas ideas, we also do Gift Vouchers (for lessons or equipment) as well as a good technique DVD and an high-visiblity jacket. For our shop, see and for Gift Vouchers see


To bring together all the skiers who'd like to be involved with the social / racing bits of our Hyde Park or Richmond Park club, but can't make the regular training, we've added a category of Social / Racing membership. You can find out more at


We have one place left on our trip to Obertilliach in January, and plenty of space on our second Hochfilzen trip in February. For more information, see


Rollerski / XC ski balance YouTube videos -
Really good 'kick double pole' video -
Basalt (!) construction skis from Fischer -
Scotland predicting bumper ski season - (the Daily Mail recently came to take pictures of rollerskiing in Hyde Park...)


If you want to see how rollerskiing has moved on over the years, this video is well worth a look (start at 19.20) -

Best regards,
Iain & The Team

Iain Ballentine
Roller ski instruction & rollerski shop


M: 07968 286129
T: 020 8348 2540

Rollerski High Viz Craft jacket on sale -

Rollerskiing in the news -

Club Facebook page -

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