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Janaury 2014

Make the Winter your own

Rollerskiing & cross-country skiing in 2014

There's no point in letting the Winter beat you down - no other time of the year do you get such a buzz from getting out and beating the elements.

With the cross-country ski season reaching a peak in the next couple of months, and races like the Inferno and various ski marathons coming up, now is the prime time for rollerskiing.  Both our training and beginners' courses fill up in January and February, and now we have more options than ever, with Brooklands, Redbridge and Cambridge courses added to Hyde Park and Dorney.  

We aim to provide rollerski instruction that is equal to the best cross-country ski schools in Austria, France and Germany, teaching rollerski technique which will translate well onto snow.  Hope to see you on wheels or snow.

Rollerski Club - Hyde Park & Cambridge

If you're reading this email, it probably means you can already rollerski, and want to do it better.  In the past 6-months, we've made big improvements in Hyde Park, with a rejuvenated training plan.  Our upcoming programme is here -

In Cambridge, we hope to get something similar off the ground in the next couple of weeks.  This depends on support, so please let us know if you'd like to get involved.  For more challenging training at Dorney and Redbridge, you can join our 'Level 2' groups on these courses.


Beginners' rollerskiing

There are many groups getting going in the next couple of weeks, both 4-week courses and 1-day courses.  Here are the links -
11.1.14 - Hyde Park Saturdays Skating -
12.1.14 - Dorney Lake 1-day course -
15.1.14 - Cambridge Wednesdays Skating -
18.1.14 - Hyde Park Saturdays Classic -
19.1.14 - Redbridge 1-day course -
20.1.14 - Brooklands 4-week Mondays Skating -

Juniors - Hyde Park and Brooklands -

Streetgames rollerskiing - Sky Game Changers

Rollerskiing shouldn't just be the preserve of the elite, and recently Flic and Devon did a session for the 'Streetgames' charity, introducing the sport to kids from a poor part of West London.  Sky Sports' Game Changers filmed the session, which you can see here -

Tour de Ski

The British Nordic Team had 3 competitors in the Tour de Ski this year - an annual event for world class skiers spread over 7 races.  It includes sprints, a ski marathon and an epic race up a downhill skislope.  Andrew Musgrave finished overall in 27th position, but was in the top 10 in two events, including the uphill race which you can watch here -

Rollerski review of 2013

Each year we try to do new things and bring a bit of innovation to the world of rollerskiing.  In 2013 we had a few milestones including introducing rollerskiing to Essex and Cambridge, and bringing our first 4-week rollerski course into a school in Oxfordshire.  Flic established a regular training group in the Thames Valley, and we had guest sessions with ex-GB biathlete Carl Carrier and GB cross-country ski coach, Roy Young.  Hopefully we're moving in the right direction.  
See -


Our two trips to Austria are fully booked now, but we still have space on our trip to the Engadin Skimarathon in March.  For more information see -  

Other stuff

Flic had a good on the 'Sports Sister' website recently, see -

Mike Dixon on the strangeness of seeing son Scott in the biathlon World Cup -

Lewis Hamilton courts controversy by cross-country skiing without a helmet (!) -

Callum Smith reaches Olympic qualifying standard -

Helmetcam tour of Ruhpolding with Andrea Henkel -


Good 2014!

Hope to see you rollerskiing in the near future.  Please get in touch if you need any information on courses or equipment.  I'll be heading to ISPO in Munich shortly to find out about new developments in cross-country ski / rollerski gear, and hope to bring some new innovations in the Spring.

Good skiing + rollerskiing,

Iain & The Team

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