Snowsport Eng Logo.jpgSnowsport England Launches Own Insurance Scheme




Snowsport England, the governing body for snowsports in England, has launched a new travel insurance scheme specifically designed to meet the needs of its coaches and competitive snowsport athletes. It also covers your normal recreational skier as well.


The policies can be bought online via a secure website or over the telephone on + 44 (0)1732 853 192


You can arrange cover for one, two or all three of these categories:


         PERFORMER - covers race training & racing in FIS and BASS races and because many Performers are under 18, there's cover for accompanied travel as a minor. Suitable for Freestyle, Snowboard & Nordic too.


         COACH / INSTRUCTOR / ASCL - covers courses (including course fees) and working as an instructor, coach or ACL.


         RECREATIONAL - Automatically covered, it includes off-piste skiing with or without a guide and you can select up to 2,000 cover for your equipment and personal possessions. Of course, you don't have to always be on snow - your policy will also cover other types of trip like summer mountain biking, watersports or just lazing under the sun.


Tim Fawke, Chief Executive of Snowsport England said


"Finding travel insurance that caters for ski racing, freestyle skiing and snowboarding competition, has been a bug bear of athletes for many years so we decided to approach the insurance market and organise our own scheme. Our main focus was to be able to offer our performers, coaches and alpine ski course leaders, an insurance scheme that specifically covered the activities they would be taking part in while abroad. Many of our racers are still minors so it was also important to offer them the ability to have a policy in their own right for when going on club trips without their parents. For coaches we have ensured that course fees are included within the cancellation cover. "


Mike Welby, Director of Dogtag who arranged the scheme and built the transactional website, said


"We are delighted to be working with Snowsport England and believe we have created a product that fits the detailed brief that was formulated over a series of meetings. Our key objective was to ensure that policyholders could be certain that they are covered to take part in their particular activity and also to deliver at a price that is competitive. We are particularly pleased that Snowsport England are going to plough much of the commission income back into funding the sport."




For further information please contact Tim Fawke at





Tim Fawke

Chief Executive Officer - Snowsport England

+ 44 0121 585 2020 (direct dial)

+ 44 0121 5012314 (office)

+44 7968548627 (Mobile)