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As you are may be aware Sport England with partners have launched Places People Play Olympic Legacy programme

One of the programmes is the Inspired facilities programme due to be launched June/July. Applications will be invited for clubs/facilities to apply for funding for:

-          Modernisation, extensions or modifications of facilities

-          To 1,000 local facilities – Community or voluntary sector groups, LAs and Schools

-          Grants of £25,000 - £150,000

In order to enhance the Inspired Facilities programme Sport England are in the process of developing a number of Framework Agreements with contractors / suppliers. This will lead to the development of an on line "Catalogue" which applicants can view as part of the application process. This Catalogue will give potential applicants guidance on the type of project the programme is looking to support whilst making it easier, cheaper and quicker for projects to be delivered.

Sport England have asked us to complete this MS Word document (PDF version) to add value in helping them shape the sports equipment framework. To be sure we are requesting the right equipment that you are most likely to need could you please forward any suggestions to us.

This is the information they have requested 

"What equipment should we include in the catalogue for your sport?" In this case Snowsports.

As you would expect a key driver for the Inspired Facilities programme are our strategic outcomes in general but specifically - grow and sustain. I would therefore be most grateful if you could take 10 minutes to complete the attached table with the above in mind. Can I ask that you provide us with up to 5 items of non-personal equipment for your sport? Whilst we will include some items relating to disabled specific equipment, via consultation with appropriate groups, please include up to an additional 2 items of non-personal equipment that is specific to your sport which you feel is key to supporting growth and or sustained participation by people with a disability. If any of the equipment is deemed by your sport as being "specialist" and there is only one or a limited number of suppliers, it would be helpful if you could add the suppliers' details as well.

Alongside each piece of equipment please provide an indication of whether that item is able to drive growth, support sustained participation or both, and where known/possible an indication of the cost of each item Please don't worry about this - I can complete this section

They will use your responses to help shape the Catalogue. The Catalogue will be used to support each of the 5 rounds of the Inspired Facilities Programme and will no doubt evolve over time and your continued input to the programme in general and specifically the sports equipment strand will be central to its success. The deadline for us to return this information is 28th April - so if you could return to me by 26th April for us to collate and return


Susie Moore
Sports Development Officer (South) - Snowsport England
+44 7891 622 648 (Mobile)