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The World Junior Freestyle Ski Cross Championships 2014 by Emma Peters

Venue for the event was Chiesa in Valmalenco, Italy and it was a very new experience for me, as this was by far the biggest competition I have competed in.
 We travelled over to Chiesa on Thursday 3rd April from Tignes, France after competing at the Brits freestyle Championships which had been held on the Monday prior. It was quite a long journey even though the two points were actually quite close on the map, but the mountains determined that you had to follow the valley and go the long way round as most of the mountain passes were closed. Having arrived in time for dinner, we had plenty time to settle in and meet up with the guys that had been competing previously in slope style. They had done really well with Katie winning and becoming World Junior Champion and Will coming 7th which is still a very notable achievement in my books. 
For the next two days we had training, a very important time to get a feel for the course we would be racing on. The course was quite big, big in a way that all of the jumps were all about the same size but were one after the other and in a continuous movement of either trying to squash them or pop them. Depending on the time of day we started training the snow was solid on run 1 and the speed I carried almost doubled the speed I carried on runs 3&4 as the snow quickly deteriorated turning to slush from the baking hot sun but gave the competition a nice atmosphere. Nevertheless I spent the time constructively and made huge improvements from run to run as I gained confidence and my skill level increased. By using a go pro I was able to calculate the time it took me to complete the course and from the first run on training day one to the last run on day two I had knocked 10 seconds off my time. I was very pleased with this and it gave me a boost for the race day which was soon approaching.
It was race day on the Sunday. It started a lot earlier than the training days had, which affected the snow, as it was running a lot faster than in training and my judgments had to be flexible on what movement or action was to be taken on each feature. Thank goodness for the training hour we had before the qualification timed run as they were desperately needed. Before I knew it, it was time for qualification and as I was 2nd last ranked so I went 2nd last out of all the women. This was a minor disadvantage as the snow was steadily getting slower racer by racer, but I did not expect to be to highly ranked as I had only started ski cross racing a year ago. With very limited training and just a few races under my belt this season, mainly due to races being cancelled by poor weather conditions, I came down and finished just outside of qualification group of 16 by 0.4 second. I was placed 18th in the World in an age range of 16>21 and I was the youngest competitor there. I was quite happy with my time as I was only 5 seconds off the lead time which was mainly down to one horrendous major mistake on my qualifying run. I overshoot a landing of a jump and landed on the uphill section of the next feature, this lost me huge amounts of time but nevertheless it was a great experience. I learned a lot from my GBR team mates Scott Garvie, Sam Allen and Laurence Willows, who had competed here last year at this event and most of all from Ian Findlay the head coach. But not forgetting the priceless help from Chris David and Ian Danby, Christine Findlay (strength & conditioning) Richard Breese & Stephen Edwards (alpine clubs AKTIV & EDEP) and not forgetting my mum and dad who supported me hugely financially and my dad the new team ski tech (team official)!!

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