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News about LSERSA skiers in the 2007/08 Winter and 2008 Summer Seasons

See also the Summer Race Results page and News about LSERSA skiers in other seasons

These are in reverse chronological order of event. At the end is a list of Regional Skiers in National Squads together with links to their FIS pages where appropriate.

Information about Skicross 2008

LSERSA live on BBC Radio London 94.9 FM at 20:35 September 11th
Sandy Telling and Marc Telling were live on BBC Radio London 94.9 FM for about 15 minutes.
They were promoting LSERSA, the LSERSA race at Bromley this week-end and skiing generally in this country.
See for more info about sport on BBC Radio London.

Alessia Thomas-Jackson is 'Young Sports Personality of the Year' for St Edmundsbury Council (West Suffolk)

Grand Prix series results
LSERSA skiers did well in SSE's Grand Prox race series this year:
In the female categories Emily Evans won Children 2, Alessia Thomas-Jackson won Junior 1, Charlotte Evans won Junior 2 and Alessia Thomas-Jackson won the Overall category with Charlotte Evans third. It is believed that Alessia is the youngest skier ever to win the Overall category.
In the male categories Nick Robinson won Junior 2 and was second overall.

Chemmy Alcott at the limit: climbing Kilimanjaro
A report in the Sunday Times on June 22 regarding Chemmy's ascent of Mount Kilimanjaro for the Right To Play charity. For more details, including how to donate, please see Chemmy's justgiving page

British Ski Cross 08 - Results - May 25
Quite a few LSERSA Skiers did very well at this event - see Report on Natives web site

Chemmy Alcott and Ed Drake
News about Chemmy Alcott and Ed Drake is in the current edition of SnowsportGB's Cutting Edge newsletter

Chemmy climbing Kilamanjaro for charity
Chemmy Alcott and Julia Mancuso are ski racers on the World Cup tour and spend their lives racing down icy cold mountains. They are also ambassadors for Right To Play, a charity which provides specially-designed sport and play programmes to improve health, build life skills, and foster peace for children and communities affected by war, poverty, disease, etc.
To raise money for this they are doing a sponsored climb of Kilamanjaro and they need your help. For more details, including how to donate, please see Chemmy's justgiving page

British Freestyle Skiercross Champs in Laax (March 29th)
Danielle Freeze came Second overall in the British Freestyle Skiercross championship held in Laax, Switzerland . Emily Sarsfield, the British Champion (and Fulltime competitor), came first.

British Children's Championships - Meribel - News of LSERSA Skiers
Max Moss won the Children 1 Slalom, Emily Evans was second and Charlotte Jesse third in the Children 2 Slalom with Thomasine Nilson-Wrede third in the Children 1 race.
Thomasine Nilson-Wrede (Children 1) won the Giant Slalom with Imogen Taylor third overall and second Children 2. Emily Evans was third Children 2. Max Moss won the Children 1 boys' event.
Overall, Thomasine Nilson-Wrede was second Children 1 girl and Max Moss was Children 1 boys' champion. Emily Evans was second Children 2 girl and Imogen Taylor was third Children 2 girl.
Sandown Park (SPSRC) was best children 2 girls team (Imogen Taylor, Stephanie Espinosa and Mollie Dendle).
See the full results and the SSGB News reports.

British Land National Championships - Meribel - LSERSA Skiers triumph
Chemmy Alcott and Ed Drake are overall British Champions.
Chemmy Alcott won the Super-G and Louise Thomas came first in the Junior 2 category. Ed Drake was first of the Britsh skiers in the men's event.
In the Downhill Chemmy Alcott and Ed Drake repeated their success of the Super-G.
Peter Whelan was 2nd in the Junior Downhill and best British skier, having been best British Junior in the main event, and Nick Robinson was best placed British Junior 1 skier.
Chemmy Alcott won the Slalom, held at night, to add to her collection of titles.
Louise Thomas won the Super Combined with Chemmy Alcott second and Ed Drake won the men's event.
In the Giant Slalom Chemmy Alcott and Ed Drake repeated their success of the Super-G and Downhill, with Louise Thomas placed 2nd overall and 1st Junior.
Louise Thomas was placed 2nd Junior in the Junior Super-G with Peter Whelan third in the men's race, with both being second British skier, and Nick Robinson was best placed British Junior 1 skier.
In the Junior Slalom Daniel Absalom was first and Jean-Paul Espinosa third British Junior 1 skier.
In the Junior Giant Slalom Franki Simonds and Peter Bruton were third British skier in their respective events.
See the full results, the SSGB News reports and Caroline Simonds' Report.

Success for Chemmy Alcott
Chemmy won the Giant Slalom and came 5th in the Super-G at both the French National Championships and the Croatian National Championships (held in Austria).
See her FIS page for details and SnowsportGB news letter

News about Ed Drake
Read articles about Ed Drake's season on the Ski Club of Great Britain web site and on the Racer Ready web site.
See also Ed's FIS page

English Alpine Championships 2008  - Bormio, Italy   17th - 22nd  February 2008
LSERSA skiers did well - see results and lists of prize winners
Caroline Simonds has kindly provided the following summary:
In the Children's races Alice Macaulay won all three Ch1 races and finished 3rd overall in the combined, Amy Young also did very well to be on the podium for ch1 in all three races, with a 2nd in SG and 3rd in GS & SL. Stephanie Espinosa and Imogen Taylor were 2nd and 3rd in Ch2 in the SG, whilst Alessia Thomas-Jackson was 1st Ch2 in the GS, with Eloise Greenhalgh in 3rd. Eloise was also 2nd in the SL. Max Moss had a 3rd Ch1 in SG, 1st in GS and 2nd in SL. Consistency paid off in the Jesse family; Charlotte Jesse was 3rd in the Ch2 SL and was overall Combined winner in the girls, whilst cousin Zak Jesse was 2nd in the Ch2 boys SL and overall winner in the Combined boys.
In the FIS competition, Harriet Steggles did consistently well, coming 2nd in J1 in the SL, 3rd in the GS and 2nd in the SuperG and took the overall Combined title. In the J1 boys, Nick Robinsonwas 2nd in SL and 2nd in the Super G, but consistency again paid off for Daniel Absalom who had a J1 3rd in SL, and GS and was 2nd overall in the Combined. Helena Bray also did consistently well in all three events winning the J2 SL, 2nd in the GS and 3rd in the SG to finish 2nd overall in the combined. Franki Simonds won the J2 GS and Super G, and was 1st overall in the GS, She was also 3rd in the international rankings in the SG, but crashed out in the SL. Tristram Molyneux-More was skiing in the senior category for Sandown Park and scored a 2nd in the GS and 1st in the SG.
Click here for Caroline's full report

Welsh Alpine Championships - Champery 23rd/24th January 2008
The following LSERSA skiers had podium finishes: Thomasine Nilson-Wrede 1st Children 1 Slalom, Alessia Thomas-Jackson 2nd Children 2 Slalom, 1st Overall and Children 2 Giant Slalom and Mary Denning 3rd Children 2 Giant Slalom.
For full results and photos see

British Schoolgirls Races � Flaine 9th & 10th January
Very successful British Schoolgirls Races for LSERSA � Franki Simonds and Charlotte Evans won all the individual overall Trophies between them! All 3 prize winners in CH2 were LSERSA (Stephanie Espinosa, Eloise Greenhalgh and Alessia Thomas-Jackson), and Alice Macaulay won all the CH1 trophies.
LEH (all LSERSA skiers: Franki Simonds, Kirsty Dixon and Mollie Dendle) and Surbiton (Eloise Greenhalgh, Alice Macaulay and Alice Murphy) won all the School Team Trophies between them (except the separate parallel Slalom), and the overall best team prizes were: 1st LEH, 2nd Surbiton, 3rd Sandown Park (Imogen Taylor, Steph Espinosa and Jojo Carew) so again all LSERSA. Surbiton B (Caroline Croft, Isabel Linacre and Emily Pocock) won the B Team trophy, very appropriately renamed the Eve Alcott trophy.
See Prize winners and Caroline Simond's report

British Schoolboys Races � Meringen 27th - 29th January
Results: Giant Slalom   Slalom   Minis

BARSC Championships 2008 - Les Menuires, France 30th December - 4th January
LSERSA skiers did very well at the 2008 BARSC Championships. Particular congratulations are due to Emily Evans who was overall Children's female champion and Christopher Dixon who was second overall in the Junior male section.
Podium places went to: Christopher Dixon, 2nd Junior 2 male Slalom, Lucy Peel, 3rd International Junior and 2nd British Junior 1 female Giant Slalom, Jean-Paul Espinosa, 1st Junior 1 male Giant Slalom, James Greenwood, 2nd Junior 2 male Giant Slalom, Christopher Dixon, 3rd Junior 2 male Giant Slalom, Lucy Peel, 2nd Junior 1 female Super-G, Christopher Dixon, 2nd Junior 2 male Super-G, Emily Evans, 1st Children 2 female Super-G, Alessia Thomas-Jackson, 2nd Children 2 female Super-G, Thomas Kirton, 3rd Children 2 male Super-G, Max Moss, 1st Children 1 male Giant Slalom, Emily Evans, 2nd Children 2 female Giant Slalom, Eloise Greenhalgh, 3rd Children 2 female Giant Slalom, Tomasine Nilson-Wrede, 2nd Children 1 female Slalom, Alice Macaulay 3rd Children 1 female Slalom, Charlotte Jesse, 2nd Children 2 female Slalom, Emily Evans, 3rd Children 2 female Slalom.
Full Results and Prizewinners list
Apologies for any errors and omissions in the above list - please email if you spot any.

Chemmy Alcott's article in the Daily Telegraph on Wednesday 12th December.

Team Chemmy: Bankrolling Alcott's blonde ambition
Chemmy's new backup team - read the article in the Independent on Thursday 1st November.
Chemmy's new look web site     Her FIS page

Chemmy Alcott's bitter-sweet start to new regime
Chemmy's season gets off to a mixed start - read her article in the Daily Telegraph on Monday 29th October.
Chemmy's new look web site     Her FIS page

Regional Skiers in 2007/08 National Squads
together with links to their FIS pages and web sites
The British Land Alpine Ski Team
  World Cup Team
    Chemmy Alcott Her FIS page   SSGB Profile
  Senior Team
    Ed Drake His FIS page   SSGB Profile
  Junior Team
    Peter Whelan His FIS page
    Louise Thomas Her FIS page
  T   Aaron Tipping His FIS page
  Development Team
  T   Harriet Steggles Her FIS page
  T   Oliver Robinson His FIS page
  Youth Team
    Nick Robinson His FIS page
    Sam Wrench His FIS page
The England Alpine Ski Team
  A   Franki Simonds Her FIS page
  B   Eve De Haan
  C   Charlotte Evans Her FIS page
  C   Lucy Peel
  A   Peter Bruton His FIS page
  C   Jo Ogden His FIS page
  C   Jean-Paul Espinosa His FIS page
The England Dry Slope Squad Selection 2007
    Kathryn Barber
    Charlotte Evans
    Emily Evans
    Franki Simonds
    Alessia Thomas-Jackson
    Ben Clark
    Daniel Curtis
    Lloyd Papantoniou
    Marc Telling
    Paul Telling
The British Children's Summer Training Group
    Stephanie Espinosa
    Emily Evans
    Alice MacAulay
    Imogen Taylor
    Alessia Thomas-Jackson
    Zak Jesse
    Thomas Kirton
    Nicholas Moynihan

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