London & South East Regional Snowsports Association

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The committee meets about four times a year and the Committee Meeting Minutes are published.

Those in blue and marked with an * form the Executive Committee

  *Sandy Telling Chairman & Region Rep. at SSE Council
  *Gwenderlyne Southall   Vice Chairman & Region Rep. at SSE Council  
  *Sue ValeSecretary
  *John CurtisTreasurer
  *Keith EvansChair of Race Committee & Chief of Race
  *VACANTRegional Child Welfare Officer
  *Dafina KeysPublicity & Press Officer
  *Marc TellingCoaching Co-ordinator
 Alan SandellChief of Calcs/Timing & Webmaster
 John LewingtonAssistant Chief of Calcs/Timing
 Sally WoodsRace Secretary
 VACANTAssistant Race Secretary
 Nigel BrainMarketing/Sponsorship
 Sally BartlettRegional Coach
 Andy ProudloveAssistant Regional Coach
 VACANTEquipment Officer
 Ray SieberAssistant Equipment Officer
 Andy ProudloveSports Development Officer (Kent)
 Christine MacaulaySports Development Officer (Surrey)
 Paddy FieldNordic Rep.
 Vince ChanSnowboarding Rep.
 Kathryn HarrisFreestyle Rep.
 Jules GolbeyAdaptive Skiing Rep.
 Emily EvansAthlete's Rep.

Last updated: 9th June 2011