London & South East Regional Snowsports Association

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The committee meets about four times a year and the Committee Meeting Minutes are published.

Those in blue and marked with an * form the Executive Committee

  *Jim Gibb Chairman & Region Rep. at SSE Council
  *Andy Proudlove   Vice Chairman & Region Rep. at SSE Council
  *Sue Vale Secretary
  *Christine Proudlove Treasurer
  *Keith Evans Chair of Race Committee
  * Claire Gravener Race Secretary
 Marc Telling Coaching Co-ordinator
 Dom WakelingWebmaster
 John LewingtonChief of Calcs/Timing
 VACANTAssistant Chief of Calcs/Timing
 Juliet TrewAssistant Race Secretary
 Keith EvansChief of Race
 Jo MooreMarketing/Sponsorship
 Emily EvansRegional Coach
 VACANTAssistant Regional Coach
 Adrian BuntonEquipment Officer
 Steve BiggsAssistant Equipment Officer
 VACANTNordic Rep.
 Vince GaskinFreestyle Rep.
 Jules GolbeySSCD/Adaptive Skiing Rep.
 Paul BuntonAthlete's Rep.

Last updated: 2nd September 2014