London & South East Regional Snowsports Association

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The London and South East Regional Ski Association (LSERSA) was first set up in 1970 to represent skiers in the South Eastern counties of England. LSERSA has solid relationships with many other regions as well as the Home Nation Governing Bodies (HNGBs). It is one of the eight regions that are currently affiliated to Snowsport England (SSE), and through it to Snowsport GB (SSGB).

In the early years the regional committee consisted of just a few people and had a few, fairly large affiliated clubs, one for each slope in the region. The focus of the committee at that time was on Alpine racing only and it developed its own regional race series, which continues today in a modified format.

The region has experienced several highs and lows and 2006 changed its name to the London and South East Regional Snowsports Association (LSERSA) to reflect the expanding diversity of the region and its members. The committee has grown as it has become necessary to have more specialists in areas such as press, PR and marketing. Today LSERSA represents a large variety of snowsports clubs including alpine and freestyle skiing, snowboarding, nordic/cross country skiing, telemark and skiercross.

Regional Skiers in National Squads

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A Message From Sally

 9th November

A Massive THANK YOU to all my wonderful friends and all the lovely people I have met during my stint as race secretary, it is hard to believe that I first started when my son Matt was 12, shockingly next birthday we will be celebrating his 40th. I hope now I will have the time to visit and celebrate with him in Melbourne.

Thank you all so much for my 'good-bye' gift, looking forward to taking a back seat and actually being able to watch the kids ski.


New Race Secretary and Equipment Officer for next season

Sally Woods has announced that she is finally definitely retiring from being Race Secretary and has asked that the following note from her is published here:

"The final LSERSA race at Bromley will be the last regional race that I will acting as Race Secretary. The past 22 years have been thoroughly enjoyable, but this year with family illnesses and other commitments it is timefor me to put Rod and my family first.

Obviously my retirement also means that Rod will not be involved with the equipment any more.

A GREAT BIG HEARTFELT THANK YOU GOES TO CLAIRE WILLIAMS and STEVE BIGGS both from Folkestone Ski Club. Claire has volunteered to take over my task of LSERSA Race Secretary, as of October 2013, and Steve will be taking on the thankless job of organising and maintaining the equipment. Thank you both so much for making our retirement from race organisation so much easier."

Last updated: 30th April 2016