London & South East

Minutes of the Executive Committee meeting held at 7.00pm on
Wednesday 2nd February 2000 at Albemarle House, 1 Albemarle Street,
London W1X 3HF.


John Shaw - Treasurer and acting Chairman for the meeting
Tim Alcott - Secretary
Chris Drake - Equipment Officer
Sally Woods - Regional Race Convener
Ian Edwards - BSCD
Martin Bosher - ESC Council Representative
Kay Whelan
David Greig
Alan Sandell


Apologies were received from Matt Woods who is working in Norwich, Joe Keyes, Brenda Mills, Malcolm Erskine who are currently in France, Charles Jerrett who is currently in Italy, and Stephen Bray who is returning from France.

Pre-Meeting Statement

The acting Chairman opened the meeting by referring to the sad loss of Ian Noble and tabled a note from his wife Miriam who has indicated her wish to remain involved in the sport and take an active role in LSERSA although she is unable to be at this current meeting. The acting Chairman proposed, and his proposal was unanimously supported, that we should mark Ian’s passing by dedicating this year’s Regional Race Series to his memory and to supplying a perpetual trophy for one of the races. He stated that, of course, this would need to be discussed with Miriam to seek her approval but otherwise the meeting fully endorsed this proposal. He also reported that nearly £1,600 was raised and that an note should be posted on the LSERSA web site stating that any further donations should be sent directly to Wisdom Hospice or c/o Miriam Noble.

  1. Approval of the minutes of the meeting held on 9th November 1999

The Secretary was instructed to ensure that the first paragraph on the second page of the draft minutes starting "David Greig reported" should be deleted from the final copy. Alan Sandell stated that the copy on the web site already has this paragraph deleted.

  1. BSCD

Ian Edwards reported that the BSCD had celebrated it’s 25th Anniversary last season and had a major event at the Gloucester slope which included fireworks and partying etc. At the same weekend BSCD had a long Executive meeting which covered many outstanding issues. He offered to send copies of the paperwork from that Executive to LSERSA.

He also reported that BSCD had failed to gain support from the Lottery Unit for their Regional "Have a Go Days" but that they are proceeding with the first of these events in June at Rossendale and hope to be able to find other funds to do other Regional events later in the season.

He reported that regarding competition Mike Hammond is the current temporary coach and has been with the team in Tignes. He stated that he will attempt to have either Graham Peacock or John Brackenbury provide team information to LSERSA so that news can be put on the web site .

  1. Schools

John Shaw tabled a draft job description for the Regional Schools Liaison Officer. He was congratulated on the effort put in, but the general consensus of the meeting was that the job description whilst it is accurate, is rather daunting. It was agreed that the secretary would seek an expert in the field (probably Bob Russell) to look at the job description to see whether it could be made more attractive so that it could be posted in Educational Journals and put on our web site to attract the right sort of person.

Ian Edwards pointed out that most Boroughs have a representative responsible for sport, if not for snowsport alone, and these representatives should be e-mailed.

John Shaw also pointed out that at the London Borough Heathrow Games, each Borough has a individual responsible for skiing as one of the sports and these contact names will also be useful.

David Greig suggested that perhaps Wycombe Summit might like to host an evening event inviting schools reps and skiing reps from the London Heathrow Games together with any of their competitors.

It was also agreed that Kate will obtain a database from Clive Hambledon.

  1. LSERSA Squad

Sally Woods reported that there will be a Squad training day on 5th March between 8.00-11.00am.

She also reported that from the Squad there was a very little interest in taking up subsidised skis and it was agreed therefore not to proceed with this initiative.

John Shaw agreed to ask Brenda Mills to extrapolate the regional athletes results from the BASC Championships.

  1. English Ski Council

It is understood that there are now two new directors appointed to fill casual vacancies on the Board of the ESC and these are John Gledhill and Alan Ashfield. It was noted that there is a Symposium on the following Saturday at Walsall and that David Greig, Chris Drake and Stephen Bray will be attending. John Shaw pointed out that there is a consultative document on Derek Metters’ web site and copies of this was circulated at the meeting.

  1. BSSF

The secretary reported that the new venue for the Senior Championships which were held two weeks ago at Saalbach Hinterglemm seemed to be a success with the competitors and organisers alike. It was hoped to hold next year’s Championship at the same location and this is subject to Saalbach Hinterglemm not being successful in their application to host a Europa Cup on the same dates. The decision will not therefore be made until the end of May.

He reported that the Head Office had now moved from East Calder to the Midlothian Ski Centre and that the address and contact numbers are as follows :

British Ski and Snowboard Federation
Hillend, Biggar Road, Midlothian, EH10 7EF
Tel.: 0131 445 7676     Fax: 0131 445 7722

The accommodation is being shared with Snowsport Scotland and the effective cost of the premises to the BSSF is approximately £1,500 per annum exclusive of Uniform Business Rate. He reported that the premises at East Calder had been successfully sold and that the majority of the proceeds had been "ring fenced" as a reserve against future contingencies.

  1. Finance

John Shaw tabled a finance report which is attached to the formal minutes in the minute book.

He also reported that Leila Baker had applied to the court to set aside the judgment made in LSERSA’s favour. It was agreed to oppose the set aside application and to continue to try to recover the monies that the court had found due to LSERSA. In the interim it was agreed to raise a provision in the accounts for £2,100 plus costs as a potential bad debt but to continue to pursue recovery in any event.

John Shaw brought to the attention of the meeting the fact that the current bank mandates are out of date and that Miriam Noble should be substituted for Ian. It was hereby agreed and resolved that the standard resolution required by LSERSA’s bank on form NWB1011 be agreed and that specimen signatures of the parties should be submitted accordingly. This was unanimously accepted by the meeting and a copy of the said form is attached to the formal minutes in the minute book.

  1. European Championships

The meeting understood that the Ski Council of Wales had announced that they are hosting the European Championships and that the English Ski Council had accepted this and entered the dates into the ESC diary. It was noted that there had not been proper consultation between the English Ski Council and LSERSA regarding this decision and the result has left LSERSA without the ability to recover the investment that it had made in the first two European Championships held at Wycombe and organised by LSERSA. It was agreed that it would be proper to invoice the English Ski Council for these outstanding losses. John Shaw was asked to act upon this decision.

  1. World Championships

It was noted that Wycombe Summit are proposing to host a "World Artificial Ski Championships" on the weekend of 27th and 28th May. The proposal is to hold the "Wycombe Cup" on the 27th May and hold the "World Artificial Ski Championships" on the 28th May. Wycombe Summit have asked LSERSA for their help in running the event and providing the officials.

It was agreed to offer LSERSA’s assistance in this matter but it would mean transferring the Regional Race currently proposed for 28th May at Wycombe to the weekend of the 15th/16th July at the same venue.

The Secretary was asked to write to Wycombe Summit describing LSERSA’s decision and to offer assistance on the following understanding :

  1. That Wycombe will provide a person to act as Deputy Race Secretary who will do all the mailing and correspondence relating to entries, accommodation, travel, etc. and that that person will report to Sally Woods.
  2. That any costs to LSERSA including the costs of any officials who have to attend the weekend should be underwritten by Wycombe Summit.
  3. That Wycombe Summit should underwrite a further sum to represent a figure of say £2,500 for prize money plus the cost of accommodation for foreign competitors and in some case perhaps assistance in travelling for some elite foreign competitors.

  1. Race Organisation

Sally Woods reported that there is an Officials Course being held on March 4th at Chatham from 10.30am to 4.30pm and that there are still five places free.

The course is being run by the English Ski Council and LSERSA agreed to meet the cost of any local LSERSA officials attending the course and to offer the course to any officials from outside the region at the cost of £10.

Regarding race entries for the Regional Races for next season it was agreed that the price should be £12 per race or £60 for all six races if paid in advance, or £14 per race paid on the day.

  1. Equipment

Chris Drake pointed out that we have yet to purchase a display unit for the timing equipment and that we also require flags for the Giant Slalom poles (25 blue and 25 red). He was authorised to proceed to purchase these items up to the limit of £1,800 being the amount left from the Grant.

Kay Whelan mentioned that Helmut from Hillingdon club had asked that there should be the possibility for two Regional teams to enter each Parallel Slalom at the Regional Races.

This was agreed in principle but Alan Sandell stated that LSERSA should retain the right to change this rule if it did not work out satisfactory over the first two events.

The Secretary pointed out that there should be items on future agendas for :

    1. Press and Publicity,
    2. The Web Site,
    3. Equipment

in order that these matters are kept before the Committee.

12. Date of next Meeting

The date of the next meeting was set for Wednesday 1st March with the possible venue being Wycombe Summit in view of the various other matters that are being dealt with at Wycombe currently.