London & South East


Minutes of the Executive Committee meeting held at 7.00pm on
Wednesday 1st March 2000 at Wycombe Summitt



John Shaw - Treasurer and acting Chairman for the meeting
Tim Alcott - Secretary
Chris Drake - Equipment Officer
Ian Edwards - BSCD
Alan Sandell
David Greig
Jacqui Lowes
Stephen Bray

Apologies : Apologies were received from Brenda Mills, Sally Woods, Matt Woods, Malcolm Erksine, Martin Bosher, Kay Whelan, Chrissie Drake, and Joe Keyes.


  1. Approval of the minutes of the meeting held on 2nd February 2000

The minutes were approved as a correct record of the meeting.

  1. Matters Arising

English Ski Council Symposium

Stephen Bray and David Greig reported that they had attended the Symposium and agreed that whilst the holding of the Symposium was a significant step forward by the English Ski Council the breadth of the matters raised a need for greater backup and more effort in carrying out the actual work required.

Stephen Bray did not find the Symposium convincing on the standardisation of training and coaching standards between clubs and indeed between Regions. He stated that until such standards can be standardised, club coaches will not have confidence in our athletes being trained by either Regional or National Coaches. David Greig stated that there was an acceptance by Derek Metters that the Selection process had not been prefect in the past and that a more equitable process would be adopted in the future.

Press, Publicity and the Website

It was agreed by the Committee that it is impractical to attempt to produce a Regional Magazine, that we must therefore concentrate on improving our Website managed by Alan Sandell.

It was agreed that the name London and South East Regional Ski Association does not "catch the eye". It was agreed to rename the Website "South East Ski Racing". It was agreed that there should be more new items and that out of date materials should be dropped from the Website after, say, one month.

Chris Drake undertook to co-ordinate the collection of information relating to current Squad members there biographies and pictures for Alan Sandell. Tim Alcock stated that if Chris could give his secretary, Gina, a list of names and addresses of the club of the Squad members and their parents she could circulate a letter asking them to let Alan Sandell have the details direct.

It was agreed that a direct link was required from the Complete Skier Website and that this should be prominently featured with perhaps a separate link for the World Artificial Ski Championships. Alan Sandell agreed to talk to Michael Leubrick about arranging this.

It was also agreed that the site designed by Arthur Jerrett is now an irrelevence as it contains no new information. Alan Sandell was asked to discuss this with Arthur to arrange a merge of the sites or the deletion of Arthur�s version.


David Greig reported that the GS flags have now been delivered and that this, for the moment, completes LSERSA�s stock of equipment.


Ian Edwards reported that the BSCD had now acquired eight short wave radios at a cost of some �2,500 and these will be available for the use by the members of the Region for a small hire charge.

He reported that Mike Hammond and John Brackenbury have managed to get the Squad a week�s training at St Moritz prior to competing in Vismau in Austria the following week. Unfortunately this is the only one of the four events that the Squad were able to enter but the results were encouraging in that the Squad finished well up the field being in front of six other countries.

Ian Edwards asked whether TRA could obtain a copy of the list of the Regional Secretaries within the ESC Council so that he could write to them separately.

4. Schools

David Greig undertook to check that Terry Chapman of Crystal did circulate the curriculum document that was supplied for him. TA confirmed that he still has a supply of the curriculum documents and that perhaps events should be organised during the summer at Albemarle Street for the Regional Organisers of the London Youth Games Ski Teams in order to widen the net of those involved with school skiing.

5. Squad

John Shaw reported that there was a Squad training day this coming Sunday and that David Blackwell, Sally Bartlett and Phil Brown will be assisting Matt Woods with the training day.

6. Finance

John Shaw tabled a report from the finances of the organisation which is set out below.

Financial Report to EC meeting on 1st March 2000

  1. Bank balances:-
Capital Account 3224 (claim for �834 outstanding-2)
 Current 209  
 Total funds 3431 
  1. Purchase:-
49 pair of ski pole tips (bungs) at a cost of � 98
 60 GS gates flats at a cost of �277
 tax on timing outstanding�459

I am making a claim for these from our Lottery money. I am still trying to obtain a refund of the VAT paid on the timing equipment. Invoice awaited for display unit and tripod & cases for video camera. That will leave about �2000 to spend. The consultant from the FSA is still trying to see me about their grant.


  1. Wycombe Summit has accepted financial responsibility for the World Championships.

  1. I am still having problems with the Central London County Court on the Laila Baker warrant. I have made a 2nd complaint about poor administration.

1st March 2000

John Shaw

  1. Race Organisation

John Shaw confirmed that he is attending the meeting at Wycombe on Sunday to discuss the organisation of the World Artificial Ski Championships. He also reported that the slope manager at Llandudno had asked for any help that we could offer in running the European Championships and John Shaw was asked to send a package of the paper work that was sent out for the previous year�s Championships.

It was agreed to ask Suzie Berry to be the TD for the World Artificial Ski Championships.

  1. Any Other Business

The Committee expressed their appreciation to Rupert Barnes for the Website which provides interesting and new information relating to current skiers statistics.

It was noted that the Annual General Meeting of the English Ski Council will be held in May and that papers would shortly be circulated to the Member Clubs asking them for nominations to the Board etc.

The Executive Committee agreed to recommend to the Clubs that they should support an nomination to the Board of the English Ski Council so that the Region, which provides facilities for more than 45% of the registered racers in England, should have representation.

The Committee agreed to recommend that John Shaw should be that nominated person and that along with his CV details should be a statement about the unacceptable situation of the Region being disenfranchised over the past two years.

  1. Date of next Meeting

It was agreed the next meeting should be at 9.30am on Sunday 30th April at Bromley.