London & South East

Minutes of the Executive Committee meeting held at 9.30am on
Sunday 30 th April 2000 at the Bromley Ski Centre



Brenda Mills - Chairman
John Shaw - Treasurer & acting Secretary
David Greig
Stephan Bray
Jacqui Lowes
Mike Hooles
Kay Whelan
Sally Woods
Matt Woods
Chrissie Drake
Chris Drake
Sandy Telling
Stephen Talbot
Alan Sandell
Charlie Jerrett

Note. Since this meeting took place during the Regional Race a number of members of the Committee had to leave during the meeting to carry out their race duties.


Tim Alcott
Martin Bosher
Malcolm Erskine
  1. Approval of the minutes of the meeting held on 1st March 2000
  2. The minutes were approved as a correct record of the meeting.


  3. Matters Arising
  4. None.


  5. Schools
  6. David Greig reported back on his conversations with Terry Chapman of Crystal. It was confirmed that Crystal are circulating the curriculum document with a BSSF pack and Snowport-Scotland information. David also reported that Crystal had appointed a new representative (Mike Fossie).

    Kay Whelan reported that she was making a hard copy of the schools mailing list from the Crystal disc.


  7. BSCD
  8. No report


  9. Squad
  10. Nothing to report at this stage.


  11. Finance

    The Treasurer reported that there was £4099 in the capital account and £128 in the current account. John Shaw also reported that additional equipment for the timing had been purchased from the Sport-England Lottery grant and some more was on order. He reminded the Committee that this source of funding is now almost exhausted. The Treasurer also reported that the application by Laila Baker to set the LSERSA Judgment aside had been adjourned until after 6th June 2000 on the grounds of the ill health of the defendant.


  12. Race Organisation
  13. Sally Wood reported on entries for Regional Races (142 for today’s race), the Club National and the Grand Prix. She also provided an up to date report on the Wycombe Cup and the World Championships. All races are well supported and Mike Hooles (Chief of Race) is finding officials. All offers of assistance to Mike at or 0779 0559 296 (mobile).


  14. Resignation of Regional Secretary
  15. The Committee discussed the letter from Tim Alcott dated 2 March 2000 in which, with regret, he resigned his position of Secretary of the Region (copy attached).

    The Committee agreed to place on record their gratitude to Tim for all the hard work he has done for the Association during his period of office. Also for his enormous contribution to LSERSA over a long period and his kind offer of assistance in the future.


  16. Appointment of a Regional Secretary
  17. Sandy Telling attended the Committee by invitation to discuss the role of Secretary of LSERSA. Sandy reported the he would have heavy work commitments during the next few months and while willing to take over some role as a temporary measure, the Committee should be aware of this.

    It was agreed to appoint Sandy Telling Secretary of LSERSA on these terms. The Committee recorded their thanks to Sandy for stepping in at very short notice. Sandy informed the Committee that he would be sending out short minutes by email during his period of office.

    Email address for Sandy Telling:


  18. Appointment of Chief of Regional Races
  19. The Committee confirmed the appointment of Steve Talbot as Chief of Regional Races. The Committee thanked Steve for agreeing to take over this role and noted he would be busy during most the meeting with his duties as Chief of race.


  20. Appointment of Chair of Race Committee
  21. It was agreed to appoint Alan Sandell as Chair of the Race Committee subject to confirmation of his agreement.


  22. ESC
  23. It was confirmed that John Shaw had been appointed to the ESC Council member for LSERSA in place of Martin Bosher. (Charlie Jerrett remains the first LSERSA member of the ESC Council).

    John Shaw reported that the AGM of the ESC and the ESC Council would take place on Saturday 20th May 2000.

    He asked that Clubs who could not attend the AGM give their proxy to him. He informed the Committee that he would vote for:


  24. AOB
  25. The chairman (Brenda Mills) asked that Committee members note her new email address -

    Other email addresses for update are:

    Steve Talbot is available on 020 8776 1326

    Chris Drake reported on the new timing and display equipment he had purchased and collected on behalf of LSERSA.

    In view of the number races taking place in the next three months it was agreed that John Shaw should check on the number of poles available and purchase more if required (via Bartletts).

    Sandy Telling reported on the new website he was setting up and operating. It was agreed that material should be circulated and links provided. The site is A link will be provided from

    The discussion paper on equal opportunities for female racers in the Region was postponed until the next meeting to allow Rupert Barnes to attend


  26. Date of next meeting

    The next meeting will be a the Hillingdon Ski Centre on Tuesday 27 June 2000 at 7.30pm