London & South East

Minutes of the Executive Committee meeting held at 7.30 p.m. on
Tuesday 27th June 2000 at the Hillingdon Ski Centre



Brenda Mills (Chairman)
John Shaw (Treasurer)
Sandy Telling (Secretary)
Chris Drake
Chrissie Drake
Jacqui Lowes
Alan Sandell
David Greig
Kay Whelan
Charlie Jerrett

Apologies received from:

Tim Alcott
Martin Bosher
Terry Bartlett
Mike Hooles
Matt Woods
Sally Woods
Rupert Barnes
Stephen Bray


Approval of the minutes of the meeting held on the 30th April 2000.

Item 3, last line changed. Should read ‘Jacqui Lowes’ in place of ‘Kay Whelan’.

Minutes were approved as a correct record of the meeting and signed.


Matters Arising - none


British Ski Club for the Disabled - No representative present



Jacqui Lowes gave a summary of how far she had progressed with the list of schools. There are over 500 schools listed on the Crystal list. A list of the London and South East schools has been prepared.

It was felt Brian or Gillian Gilyead (ESSkiA) might be able to help – JL to contact

Also David Ashmore at Crystal Holidays may have useful information.

There is a budget of up to £500 to be used for this exercise. It may be best to identify a school or schools, which already have some sort of ski-related project in progress and see if we can be of assistance.

Approach Ali Jubb to assist with this possibly as secretary to the Schools Committee.


Details of the squad selection were presented in a report from Matt & Sally Woods (Appendix 1)

Team A

Team BTeam C
Mikaela MillsSally BartlettJemima Barnes
Zoe Rawlings-BrownMichelle PalmerNicole Rawlings-Brown
Edward DrakeDaniel PalmerJames Drake
James BennettKristian TalbotMatt Dossett
Dave BlackwellIan MantellBevan Farmer
Marc TellingBen ClarkTom Plank
Matt WoodsAaron ColyerTristan Lamb
Nicola McMullanAndrew WhebleNeil Farmer



1. (Report tabled by John Shaw headed – FINANCE (Appendix 2))

Both capital and current account balances look healthy. Details in report.

1.2. Change of Mandate. A resolution was passed to substitute Brenda Mills and Sandy Telling as signatories for the LSERSA accounts. This was passed and the relevant forms filled in.

2.Laila Baker

2.1 Nothing has been resolved yet. Her application for the judgement to be set aside was struck out.

2.2 The court service has offered £150 compensation but this has been refused.

3. ESC Registration Grant - cheque received. See letter ref: JW/Reg. Grant (Appendix 3) for details.

4. Most of the Sports England grant has now been spent

5. The equipment insurance policy needs to be reviewed in October. Copy of Policy Schedule filed in minutes (Appendix 3a)

JS confirmed that all insured equipment was covered whilst away from the insured address.

6. There is to be a seminar for GB’s in the South East Region to be held at Surrey University, Guildford on July 9th it is being run by sport-England. JS & DG will attend.

For details contact the secretary. (Appendix 3b)

A discussion about personal and third party liability raised the matter of whether racers and officials need to ensure they are members of affiliated clubs and/or the ESC to ensure they are covered during race meetings.

Insurance from the ESC to cover liability is cheap.


Race Organisation

  1. Regional:
  2. Sally was very pleased with the way the race had been held at Beckton. A note from Sally indicating what an excellent job Sue Beattie had done as Race secretary for the Beckton Regional race was tabled. (Appendix 4)

    It was agreed as a good idea to have Sue Beattie join the Race committee and attend a committee meeting.

    Chris Drake also asked if Rob Beattie could be approached to see if he would be interested in assisting the Equipment Officer. Everyone was in agreement.

    Note: 29 June 7pm

    Rob Beattie has been contacted by Sally Woods and he has said he would be pleased to assist whenever possible.

  3. World Championships 2000
  4. Everybody agreed it had been a very good championship race weekend.

  5. European & World Championships 2001

Andy Lockerbie has sent out an e-mail setting out his intentions to try and run both these race in 2001. Copy of E-mail tabled (Appendix 5)

LSERSA’s future involvement in these races was discussed. It was felt that these large prestigious events consumed a large amount of time and resources. There may be a time in the future that our resources are committed to other areas of skiing. This would not however stop individuals becoming involved in any way in the organisation of these events.


English Ski Council

  1. AGM Report
  2. JS attended the ESC Annual General Meeting – report tabled as Agenda Item 7a.

    Minutes of the AGM can be found on

  3. Council Report

JS attended the ESC council in June 20th as LSERSA representative.

A report tabled as Agenda Item 7b.

Minutes of the Council meeting can be found on

John Shaw & Charlie Jerret stood down as Representatives on Council

Brenda Mills and Sandy Telling were voted as new Representatives.

ESC – Jenny Wyatt to be advised.

The next meeting of the council is on the 29th July in the Midlands.

Neither of the new representatives is available to attend on that date so it was decided that Charlie Jerrett and David Greig attend in their place.

The council has decided Equal Opportunities (in skiing) be an item for discussion.

It was decided to ask Rupert Barnes if he would attend meeting to cover this aspect.

Regional Boundary changes are being raised by John (Benny) Hill. Since Sport England has merged their South & South East regions, should the ESC follow suit?

LSERSA has no boundaries set by the ESC. These are set within the constitution of LSERSA, which pre-dates the ESC. A copy of the constitution should be made available for new members of the committee to study. JS agreed to find a copy.


British Ski &Snowboard Federation

Congress Meeting 21st May

A copy of the BSSF Congress Notes was tabled by JS.

The minutes of the Congress meeting are available on


Equal Opportunities For Female Racers in the Region

Discussion to be led by R. Barnes.

Since Rupert Barnes was unable to attend the meeting this item was left for discussion at another meeting.



Alan Sandell requires a new laptop with a 15" screen to replace the existing computing equipment used for race timing.

New software costing £180 is required for the timing computer. It was agreed that this money be spent.

Helmets – LSERSA has a collection of new helmets not being used. These are available to children to use at racing events. It was suggested that some be disposed of since we have excess to requirements. This needs further discussion before a decision is made.

Thank you to Kay and Jacqui for there hospitality at Hillingdon. The refreshments were much appreciated by all.


Date of Next Meeting