Minutes of the Executive Committee meeting held at 7.30 p.m. on
Tuesday 19th September 2000 at Bromley Ski Centre


1. Present:

Brenda Mills (Chairman)
John Shaw (Treasurer)
Sandy Telling (Secretary)
Alan Sandell
David Greig
Tim Alcott
Martin Bosher
Sally Woods
Kay Whelan
Debbie John (in place of Stephen Bray)

Apologies received from:

Matt Woods
Chris Drake
Chrissie Drake
Ali Jubb
Charlie Jerrett
Jacqui Lowes
Stephen Bray

Approval of the minutes of the meeting held on the 27th June 2000.

Minutes were approved as a correct record of the meeting and signed.


2. Matters Arising


3. British Ski Club for the Disabled

No representative present


4. Schools

Progress on this has been slow. However, Ali Jubb has now agreed to assist JL with organising the work. JL and Ali Jubb were unable to attend the meeting.

Tim Alcott suggested that information should be provided to the teachers using the "Teachers Helper". This document/CD, compiled by the SIGB, is available and can provide an incentive for teachers to support skiing in schools and gain valuable experience/qualifications for themselves.

The lists prepared by JL would be a good starting point for issuing this information.
Action: TA /JL/AJ


5. Squad

Unfortunately MW was unable to attend. ST to contact MW for written report.
Action: ST


6. Regional Athletes - update about summer training.

This item was added to the agenda at the request of TA. Tim felt that at club level there is not sufficient support for young skiers and they are not being provided with many opportunities to ski on snow during the summer holidays. It was suggested that a database be formed which was accessible by all skiers/parents who want to know what camps were available during the summer with details of who to contact. This information needs to be provided by all the clubs.

This could be supported by documents such as "So you want to be a Racer".

It was felt that the LSERSA website would be a useful place to put this information since all clubs had someone that could access the data and print it out.

Opportunities were available to those who knew where to look. E.g. GBG provided snow training for junior girls; Sandown had run a very full camp this summer and both APST and Salomon had run camps on glaciers for young skiers.

On plastic there had been camps run by Tobi Fischel at Wycombe and Martin Bell at both Wycombe and Rossendale.

If was felt that coaching at the ESC level was not any better than at club level. It was suggested that Graham Bell be invited to speak about coaching at a forum run by LSERSA. Possibly at Wycombe at the British Championships or during November.
Action: TA/ST

LSERSA Website - TA to speak to CJ/AJ about updating the site or passing control of the web-site over to another member of the committee, who would take responsibility for its up keep.
Action: TA


7. Finance.

Treasurerís report is attached. (Appendix 1).

JS read the report and highlighted areas for discussion.

Accounts (both capital and current) are healthy.

A sum of money has been received from Laila Baker.

The ineffectual way the court matters were handled is being investigated.

Documents passed to the secretary included:
Copy of cheque received regarding money owing from Laila Baker.
Details regarding the complaint against The Court Services (Including information about the Parliamentary Ombudsman).

Awards for All - copies of application forms are available from DG.

It was suggested that a video showing the equipment bought with grant money would be useful for the auditors (and possibly insurance).

A list of equipment owned by LSERSA and its replacement value to be compiled
Action: MW/CD


8. Race Organisation for 2001

SW reported that Alan West had been approached about LSERSA holding a Club National and Grand Prix at Chatham for the weekend 4/5 May 2001. Awaiting a reply.

Some new cups are available for some of the age groups to win at the end of the season. SW asked if anyone knew of sponsors for these to cover costs. TA, DG and ST (on behalf of UKSR) offered to sponsor a number of the cups.

The problems with the organisation of the Inter-regional were discussed. It was felt to be counter productive not to take part and that a better approach would be to submit an alternative set of rules for running the Inter-regional.

MW could highlight the main points of contention and then TA/JS would draft some rules.
Action: MW/TA/JS


9. Report on ESC council Meeting of 29th July.

Report highlighting the main points raised at the meeting is appended. (Appendix 2)

The main points covered at the meeting included:

  1. Problem of Proprietary clubs
  2. Equal Opportunities
  3. Joining of the SRSA & LSERSA regions (dropped)
  4. Report on BSSF Congress Meeting by Peter Heath
  5. Committee reports
  6. ESC Finance
  7. Changing clubs

DG added it had been an interesting meeting and that he had been pleased to see the motion about joining the SRSA & LSERSA regions had been dropped by the ESC director who had originally proposed it after discussion with SRSA clubs. Democracy rules!!


10 BSSF Update

Report from TA summarising how the BSSF has performed this year and what policies it is pursuing at present. A copy of the report is appended. (Appendix 3)

TA asked that the report be published on the LSERSA web-site.
Action: AS


11. Single Sport Deficiencies in Kent

A report prepared by Kent County Council listing all types of sports and their present facilities within the county and what new facilities sporting bodies would like to see available for their sport.

Skiing is not represented at the moment.

It was suggested that Keith Birchall of Bowles Ski Club be approached and asked to prepare a written report, on behalf of LSERSA, for inclusion in the next report prepared by K.C.C.
Action: BM/SW


12. Helmets

All present agreed it would be best to offer the LSERSA childrenís helmets as a donation to any club that requires some. Since they are part of LSERSA assets they should be catalogued first. LSERSA website could carry a notice about the availability of the helmets.
Action: CD/AS


13. Slope Safety.

This was raised after an incident at one of the LSERSA races. The slope is still dealing with the incident. No report regarding the incident has been received by LSERSA from either party.
Action: Awaiting report.


14. Computer for Race timing

A new laptop is required to go with the new timing gear. This will make it easier to move between slopes. A 15" screen is the minimum size for clear viewing. Possible vendors are being investigated. Purchase of the computer for a sum of not more than £1400 was agreed.
Action: ST/AS


15. Computer for Video Replay of skiers

Keith Bennet has offered to assist by providing the technical know-how to do this. Matt already has some experience with the equipment. Contact Keith Bennet and discuss.
Action: ST/MW


16. A.O.B.

Last LSERSA Regional Race

This race will be held at Chatham instead of Hillingdon.


Coaching Development:

TA raised the matter of training of British coaches for new ski techniques. He suggested it might be an idea to invite Graham Bell to regional races to speak to coaches or even hold a coaching forum.

A coaching forum at the British Championships was suggested.

Write to GB and ask if it would be possible to arrange this.
Action ST

Ski News

Nigel Matthews is trying to revive the ESC Ski News magazine. All contributions welcome.

Skiers Trust Ball.

The Skiers Trust are to hold the Silver Ski Ball on 30th November at the Park Lane Hotel - £100/ticket or £1000/table.



Tuesday 28th November at Piccadilly (TA offices - W1X 3HF)