Minutes of the Executive Committee meeting held at 7.30 p.m. on
Tuesday 28th November 2000 in London

1. Present:

Brenda Mills (Chairman)
John Shaw (Treasurer)
Sandy Telling (Secretary)
Alan Sandell
Ali Jubb
David Greig
Tim Alcott
Chrissie Drake
Malcolm Erskine
Kay Whelan
Jacqui Lowes
Debbie John

Apologies received from:

Matt Woods
Chris Drake
Charlie Jerrett
Sally Woods
Ian Edwards
Martin Bosher

Approval of the minutes of the meeting held on the 19th September 2000.

The committee agreed that the minutes were a correct record of the meeting and were duly signed.


2. Matters Arising - None


3. Finance Report - For full report see Appendix 1 and Appendix 1a

JS summarised his report highlighting the fact that the bulk of our income for the coming year will result from any races, which we run.

Papers concerning the up to date insurance cover for Film & Editing equipment and the Ski timing equipment were passed to the secretary for filing. A copy was also available for Chris Drake.

It was agreed that a complete inventory of equipment was needed and that photographs of the equipment as additional proof of existence would be helpful.     Action: CD/DG


4. Report on ESC Council Meeting of 25th November

David Greig and Sandy Telling attended this meeting.

The complete notes concerning the meeting may be found in Appendix 2

David Greig read through the notes and highlighted some areas.

The committee discussed the implications for the region if/when Graham Beck resigns. This will lead to a vacancy on the board, which we may consider nominating to. A suitable person from outside the committee could be approached.

A decision regarding GB's position should be made by 2/12/00     Action: ST/JS

There are also possible vacancies on other ESC committees that need new young blood. Ali Jubb was asked if she would stand if nominated for the ROTP committee. AJ agreed.

Contact Alan West/Derek Metters - propose AJ to join ROTP     Action: AJ/ST

Chris Bowes (Freestyle) has taken on the role of sorting out the Equal Opportunities policy for the ESC. ST agreed to pass on names of contacts in the South East for BSCD     Action: ST

ME asked since ESC is not taking responsibility for the young Juniors just starting FIS racing if there was anything LSERSA/BSSF could do to help them?

He felt ARC was not helping these children and he noted there was no representation of LSERSA on the ARC committee. In the future members of the ARC committee may be standing down. This would provide an opportunity for someone from the LSERSA region to be nominated.

LSERSA could help by acting as a clearinghouse for information and making information about snow training abroad available using the website.

It was suggested that as a region we could endorse certain snow camps and assist that way.

A database of information is required.     Action: ST/AS/All


5. BSSF - Update

Copies of the BSSF minutes for the AGM and the following open board meeting are appended. See Appendix 3 and Appendix 3a

For copies of the Annual Report contact the BSSF or check the Britski website

TA summarised the reports.

Things are improving generally all round. We have athletes in all disciplines doing very well at World class and international level. Nine are in the top 100 world rankings.

Sponsorship for the BSSF is improving and the BSSF is beginning to look more attractive to sponsors.

The Youth Team need to attract more top quality committed athletes and some sponsorship.

A journalist, Neil McQuoid, is covering The World Cup Tour for the BSSF.

Lots of good articles are expected in the future.


Several people had heard that it was not possible to enter the World Schools Races unless skiers trained with the ESSkiA training groups. This has not been so on the past as there have been exceptions.

The following summarises the present situation.

English skiing enjoys a special dispensation that allows the final team members entered for the World Schools Races to be chosen from the most suitable skiers. They may not necessarily come from one school, but will have entered ESSkiA schools races through representing a school team.

Any exceptions to this may endanger our present situation, which allows us to choose skiers from schools all over England to enter these races.


6/7. Regional Athletes & Squad Report.

A report from Matt woods is appended. Appendix 4

BM read out the email that MW had sent in his absence.

Special mention was made of some athletes who MW felt had produced excellent results.

MW views on the Inter-Regional Race were noted. Since it will be held in Sunderland it may not be as popular for Southern racers.

With regard to replacement poles for gates - KW/DG offered to find alternative sources to supply these.     Action: KW/DG


8. Regional Races.

Dates for the proposed regional races were discussed.

Sunday April 29th
Sunday May 20th
Sunday June 10th
Saturday June 23rd
Sunday July 1st

Since May 20th and June 10th clash with the Rossendale GP and the Gloucester CN Sunday May 27th & Saturday June 9th are offered as alternatives. It was felt that SW should go ahead and book Chatham, Bromley and Wycombe for appropriate dates ASAP.

A problem with venues will occur since Beckton is closing for refurbishment and the situation with Hillingdon is not resolved. Aldershot is not a viable option at present since it is unknown whether they have modified the slope since the accident last year.

Sandown was offered as an alternative but it was felt that there was insufficient facilities/size for the number of athletes and family members likely to attend.

L&SERSA will have 4 ESC races held in the region. This will mean that help will be required from as many people as possible from all the clubs to ensure the smooth running of these events.

It is important for clubs to take the opportunity to encourage people to train as officials so that they will be available for races in the future.

The races depend on a diminishing band of volunteers. The races cannot be run without them.     Action: SW/ST/All


9. BSCD - no representative present


10. Schools Project Report.

Jaqui Lowes and Ali Jubb reported that they had devised a scheme to invite youngsters from schools to the local slopes using an award scheme where the children would eventually be rewarded with a certificate and a badge.

They intended to start with the schools around the Wycombe area and will be targeting the Parent & Sports Co-Ordinator and the Parents Associations as well as teachers.     Action: AJ/JL


11. Single Sport Deficiencies in Kent.

The committee has received a report written by David Davey (Bowles). Appendix 5

The report concentrated on the problems faced by schools in the Kent region and the declining use of the facilities due to lack of support or the distances needed to travel.

The report needs some additional work to include others aspects concerning ski facilities in Kent.     Action: ST


12. Computer for Race Timing.

A laptop computer has been identified by AS and ordered. Delivery is expected in the next few days. AS will liase with JS regarding payment

The timing gear will need to be tried out.     Action: AS/JS/CD


13. Computer for Video Replay of skiers.

MW to be contacted and asked to transfer the equipment for safe keeping at Wycombe. Several squad members and their coaches would like to use the equipment. Keith Bennet has offered to assist by providing the technical know-how in the use of this equipment. Contact Keith Bennet.

An offer of assistance in getting the most out of the equipment has also come from Surbiton High School. They could provide a service to L&SERSA by using their 6th form students to process film for skiers/coaches.     Action: CD/ST


14. A.O.B.

Snow poles & Flags

A set of poles and flags worth approximately £500 are stored by DG.

He asked on behalf of GBG if they could be loaned out for use during the coming season.

This was agreed on the proviso that any damaged poles/flags be replaced by GBG.

Coaches Forum.

Graham Bell held a successful forum during November (Appendix 6).

An Intranet called UK Ski-Coaches has been set up to facilitate better communication between coaches. All those interested in joining contact UK Skiers Resource website ( and send an e-mail to the webmaster.


The occasional incident of bad sportsmanship had occurred during some of the dry slope races held earlier this year. Incidents of skiers haranguing other skiers in the gate, bad language to officials and abuse of equipment were starting to re-appear.

It was felt that some action was needed (possibly having a run disqualified at the time of the incident) to stamp this out.

Notification of this could be on the entry form.     Action: BM/SW



6th March 2001     Venue: Wycombe