London & South East


Minutes of the Executive Committee meeting held at 7.30pm on
Monday 19th April 1999 at Bromley Ski Centre



Brenda Mills - Chairman
John Shaw - Treasurer
Tim Alcott - Secretary
Sally Woods - Race Organiser
Ian Noble - Chair Racing Club Committee
Matthew Woods - Regional Coach
Chris Drake - Equipment Officer
Chrissie Drake - Safety Officer
Malcolm Erskine
Rupert Barnes
Sally Wheeler
Stephen Bray
Alan Sandell
Martin Bosher - LSERSA Representative on Council


Apologies :

Ian Edwards, David Grieg, Charlie Jerrett, Bob Russell.

  1. Approval of last minutes

The minutes of the previous meeting held on 15th March 1999 were unanimously approved as a correct record of the meeting.

  1. British Ski Club for the Disabled (BSCD)

In the absence of Ian Edwards and Joe Keyes, there was no discussion on BSCD matters.

  1. It was noted that the Annual General Meeting of the English Ski Council was to be held at 11.00am at the Tamworth Snow Dome on Saturday 24th April.

It was reported that Tim Alcott and John Shaw had resigned from the Board of the English Ski Council prior to the AGM for two main reasons :

  1. They did not agree that the draft accounts presented to the Board meeting of the English Ski Council on the 17th March were represented as a true picture of the English Ski CouncilĂs financial position. It should be noted that after this Board meeting the Accounts were considerably altered.

  1. That decisions made at Board meetings of the ESC were either or both
    1. Not minuted correctly or
    2. Not acted upon.

In particular a decision arrived at because of the General Financial situation that Denis Edwards would only be able to recruit volunteers to help them with the squad for the season was not implemented and three contracts were issued signed by the President and the Chief Executive.

It was noted that the English Ski Council had come to the conclusion that neither Tim Alcott or John Shaw could as they had resigned, stand for election at the forth coming AGM and as such the only people standing from the Region were Bob Russell and Martin Bosher.

It was unanimously agreed that if any member clubs asked what the Region's recommendations were for voting that they should support those two candidates.

  1. BSSF Report

The secretary gave a brief verbal report to the Board on the current situation at the BSSF and a copy of his report is attached hereto.

  1. Schools

It was agreed that the schools curriculum document now needs to be circulated in an organised manner.

It was reported that Terry Chapman from Crystal had offered to put an insert into their next circulation to schools who are existing clients of Crystal. It was also agreed to check that Gillian Gillyard had sufficient copies to circulate in her circulation from ESSKIA.

  1. Regional Squad

Matthew Woods announced that one extra person had been selected to the Regional Squad, that is Jessica Durham. Matt stated that the next Regional Training was on the 19th June at Chatham.

  1. Finance

John Shaw stated that the Accounts had not yet been completed as the Sports Council have yet to resolve the differences in grant application with Sports Aid. He reported that the situation is currently under control with approximately £6,000 held in a company account and £512 being held in a current account.

  1. Race Organisation

Ian Noble reported that all slopes have confirmed in writing the dates for the various Regional Races. He stated that had also written to the slopes asking for volunteers to help with the races and Chrissy Drake confirmed that she had approached the slopes for staff members who could carry out first aid duties on the race days instead of St John's Ambulance. She noted that Wycombe Summit have paramedics on duty and that there was no charging for first aid.

Ian Noble stated that the race format will be the same as for last year.

Rupert Barnes reported that there were five girls at Bromley who will never be in the team in the Dual Slaloms and that therefore he was seeking a change of the rules. The general view of the meeting was that the current rules encouraged a good balance in each team and gave younger skiers the opportunity to win medals. On balance it was felt that it would be best to leave the rules as they are for this season.

The followed a general discussion on timing equipment as problems had arisen at the first race at Bromley. It was questioned whether portable radio timing equipment is acceptable and Chris Drake was asked to check this point.

There was then a general discussion on the use of the Region's helmets and it was agreed that there are forms to be filled in for helmets but that badges should be attached to each Regional helmet and Arthur Jerrett should be asked to complete the production of these badges on a blue background.

John Shaw pointed out that race officials need to comply with the Child Protection Policy and need to therefore fill in an application form and supply two referees. More information is available from Chrissy Drake.

  1. Any Other Business

It was noted that Chris Drake had supplied some footage of video taken at the British Children's Championships at Tignes and he had supplied a copy of this to Cliff Webb who will be putting it together with footage he took at the bottom of the hill. It was hoped that this footage would be available to show at the next meeting.

  1. Date of Next Meeting

It was agreed that the next meeting should be at 6.00pm on 3rd July 1999 at Wycombe Summit being the day of the Inter Regional Race.











19th APRIL 1999



I set out below a brief report on the current situation at the British Ski and Snowboard Federation to keep members up to date with current deliberations.


The Board of the BSSF has agreed to release copies of the draft minutes of each Board meeting which are now held monthly to all the member groups including the English Ski Council prior to their being approved at the following meeting of the BSSF. The reason for this is that it is recognised that it is essential to have open lines of communication with member groups now that the members do not have individually nominated members on the Board. It is hoped that each member, including the English Ski Council, will circulate copies of these Board meetings to their regions who in turn will circulate either full details or highlighted areas to their member clubs. In this way it is hoped that there will be meaningful consultation on any matters of principal which are needed to be dealt with at Home Nations, Member Groups and British Ski and Snowboard Federation level.

In addition to this formal means of communication the BSSF has recently created its own web-page attached to that already on the web known as the Complete-skier. The address is

Some matters which are receiving attention at the BSSF Board currently are as follows:

Squad Selection Criteria

A draft Squad Selection Criteria was produced and placed on the BSSF web-site at the end of March. This paper was compiled by the BSSF Performance Director, Graham Bell, and has since been considered by the Chairman of the selectors of the BSSF, Alan Stewart. His comments has now being incorporated in the second draft of which will replace the original draft on the web-site by the time of ESCĂs Council meeting.

Committee Structures

There seems to be a misconception that the Board of the BSSF decided to totally restructure all previous subcommittees. This is not so, and all previous subcommittees continue to operate including all the disciplines subcommittees and the TD Forum and the British Coaches Forum.

Sport Council Funding

A draft World Class Plan has been produced and submitted as a draft to the Sports Council and three meetings have been held with officers thereof to discuss the draft. Each discipline has now been asked to complete itĂs section and then a completed draft will be submitted to the Sports Council and the member groups by the end of May.

Early indications from the UK Sports Council and the English Sports Council (now called Sports England) show that individual athletes will be able to claim lottery funding grants in the Performance, Potential and Start areas. The number of athletes that fulfil their requirements of the Matrix produced by the English Sports Council are however small in number.

Talent Identification Program

The Performance Director together with John Clark of Snowsport Scotland have been working together to produce a draft Talent Identification Program. It is hoped that Graham Bell will have met with Dennis Edwards of the English Ski Council by the date of the Council meeting and will have gained the input of the ESC views in to this draft.

Thereafter the draft will be circulated and published on the web-site.

Exchequer Funding

The BSSF together with the Home Nations will rely upon the Exchequer Funding and clearly the Forward Plans produced by each group are geared towards securing future funding under this heading.

Across the Board it is recognised that it is unlikely that such funding will increase and indeed each body must fight to keep funding at previous levels.

It is recognised throughout the sport that other areas of funding need to be pursued including private sponsorship.

The BSSF has formed a Public Relations and Fund raising working group under the Chairmanship of Peter Mitchell and many new initiatives have commenced. Details of these are available within the BSSF Board minutes but a separate report will be produced once Peter Mitchell and his Working Group have finalised their priorities.