London & South East


Minutes of the Executive Committee meeting held at 6.00pm on
Saturday 3rd July 1999 at Wycombe Summit


Present :

Charles Jerrett - Acting Chairman
John Shaw - Treasurer
Tim Alcott - Secretary
Sally Woods - Race Organiser
Matthew Woods - Regional Coach
Bob Russell - ESC Board Member
Joe Keyes - BSCD
Martin Bosher - LSERSA Representative on Council
Mike Hooles

In attendance:

Rupert Barnes


Brenda Mills
Ian Edwards
David Grieg
Alan Sandell
  1. Approval of last minutes

The minutes of the previous meeting held on 19th April 1999 were unanimously approved as a correct record of the meeting.

  1. BSCD

Joe Keyes reported that plans for the year 2000 initiative are coming together and efforts are being made to bring in all the disabled groups together. John Shaw pointed out that one entry had been received for a disabled skier for the European Championships of the 17th and 18th July and that Joe Keyes might like to chase around for further entrants as the category has been established and prizes will be given. Joe Keyes reported that an event is being held in Littlehampton on 1st August for an extreme sports competition.

  1. Schools

It was noted that Wilson Pendleton-Briers is putting together a document for the BSSOA for their members to market directly to schools. It was also reported that the Ski Course Organisers Handbook is being re-printed this Autumn.

Charles Jerrett mentioned that it was necessary to keep an eye on the governmentÆs initiative for increasing competition between schools as snow sports will have an important part to play within this initiative.

Bob Russell mentioned that it would be possible to enter information on the disk called "The Dead Ski Smart Ski Guide" produced by Simon Walland. Bob undertook to send the previous disk to TRA so that he could print out an example of the Wycombe information to circulate to all clubs so that they can do the same. This information would be needed as a matter of urgency as the new guide will be completed by this Autumn.

  1. Squad

Matt Woods reported that the RegionÆs Teams performed well in the Inter Regional Race with the first Team coming first and the second Team coming third. The third Team were unlucky in the final stages and managed a 14th place. The Teams were as follows :


3rd LSERSA 2

15th LSERSA 3

Chemmy Alcott

Zoe Rawlings-Brown

Sally Bartlett

Dani Bosher

Michelle Palmer

Jemima Barnes

Matt Woods

Oliver Jeffery

Aaron Colyer

Dave Blackwell

Bevan Farmer

James Bennett

Ed Drake

Chris Hepple

Andy Wheble

Ben Clark

Sam Reymond

Alex Makonnen

Jamie Miles

James Drake

Khristian Talbot

Matt Woods reported that a successful training day was held on 19th June with approximately 14 athletes attending.

Matt Woods stated that he had yet to see the ESC selection criteria and TA suggested that Matt phone Graham Bell to see whether he knew of any progress in that area. TA pointed out that a draft skills assessment programme had been produced by Graham Bell and John Clarke and he was asked to get copies of this to Bob Russell and Matt Woods.

  1. Finance

John Shaw reported that £3,000 remains of the grant shortly to be spent on radio timing equipment. He pointed out that radio timing equipment is now approved by ARC for use for ESC races. He stated that there was still approximately £6,000 in LSERSA's account.

He reported that the European Championship run by LSERSA will break even this year on the basis that the promised monies of £3,000 from Tropicana materialises. This shows an improving profile over last year's losses and John Shaw pointed out that the Welsh have asked whether they can run the European next year.

This was discussed in some detail and it was felt that LSERSA had invested heavily in this project and would need to run for at least five years in order to get the event established both in terms of the sporting and financial results. It was also noted that when the event moves it may need to go to another European country such as Holland, Belgium or France.

  1. Race Organisation

It was noted that John Shaw and Eve Alcott helped out at the last minute at the London Heathrow Youth Games held at Hillingdon on Saturday 26th June as John Sharmon who normally organises the event had to leave shortly after the start of the event for an urgent meeting.

John Sharman has asked whether LSERSA would take over the management of these races but emphasises he would like to stay involved.

It was universally agreed that LSERSA should offer to run these games.

LSERSA Regional Race 11th July

It was reported that Ian Noble was in hospital. The Committee wished him a speedy recovery and Mike Hooles agreed to be chief of race for the day and would ask Lesley Hooles to ask as starter. There are 90 entries to date which is a good figure when considering that this race clashes with many others.

Southern Regional Ski Association

CJ pointed out that Southern want to hold a joint race next season to avoid the sort of problems which occurred at Aldershot and Bracknell. The proposal is to hold a race at one of these centres and to administer it jointly and split the income and expenditure jointly. CJ was authorised to continue with these discussions.


English Ski Council want to borrow the Regional radios for the All England Championships. This was approved subject to satisfactory arrangements being made for security etc. with the Equipment Officer.

  1. Any Other Business

There was a discussion about the regional web-site. CJ asked for all ideas for future development to be e-mailed through to the web-master.

  1. Date of Next Meeting

TA undertook to contact Brenda Mills what suitable date could be found in September.