London & South East


Minutes of the Executive Committee meeting held at 7.00pm on
Tuesday 28th September 1999 at Albemarle House.

Present :

Brenda Mills - Chairman
John Shaw - Treasurer
Tim Alcott - Secretary
David Grieg
Alan Sandell
Joe Keyes - BSCD
Martin Bosher - LSERSA Representative on Council
Chris Drake - Equipment Officer
Chrissy Drake - Safety Officer

In attendance:

Chris Mills


Charles Jerrett
Sally Woods
Matt Wood
Ian Edwards
Ian Noble


  1. Approval of last minutes

The minutes of the last meeting held on 3rd July 1999 were approved.

  1. BSCD

Joe Keyes attended the CCPR meeting and presented notes of the meeting, he volunteered to attend future meetings of the CCPR and keep London South East up to date with initiatives being put forward at the CCPR.

He reported that the BSCD are still attempting to hold their millennium event and asked for support of LSERSA which was readily granted.

He also reported that they have an adviser who is advising them on health & safety and this raised various questions of safety at the slope. TA suggested that their adviser should look at the rules for homologating slopes.

TA reported that the World Class Plan has a section on disabled skiing and that Peter Rooney who has drafted the plan was looking for a contact person for the area of disabled competition skiing. Joe pointed out that Mike Hammond would be the person to talk to at Harlow.

  1. Schools

TA asked whether the flyers for the National Curriculum document had been sent out by Terry Chapman at Crystal. David Grieg undertook to chase Terry Chapman to see what the current situation was. It was noted that LSERSA still has a supply of the Schools Curriculum Document available for distribution.

There followed a general discussion over the lack of the Schools Representatives on LSERSA and it was agreed that TA and JS would produce a job description by the time of the next meeting.

  1. Squad

Matt Woods had asked BM to report that progress was satisfactory with the Squad, but that he was looking for a formal appointment of an Assistant Squad Coach. The meeting thought that Sally Bartlett had already been co-opted into this post and confirmed that she should be formally appointed.

It was noted that Graham Beck had produced an outstanding offer on Elan Skis at £82 per pair. These are sided cut Slalom skis and it was agreed that the Treasurer be given delegated authority to spend up to £3,000 on acquiring a selection of lengths of these skis together with 100 pairs of bungs. It was then agreed that the Squad should be offered these skis at 50% of their cost to LSERSA and at cost to any other member of a LSERSA club.

This approval was subject to the Secretary approaching Matt Woods to see whether he approves of these particular skis.

There followed a general discussion on equipment and it was noted that some BASC clubs were able to offer discounts on a variety of equipment and David Grieg undertook to write to individual importers to see whether they will sell directly to LSERSA or to LSERSA Clubs or athletes direct.

  1. Finance

JS reported that LSERSA has a total bank balance of £6,500. Made up of £3,500 in the general fund and £3,000 in the Lottery Grant fund.

JS reported that he has still not received the £2,000 European Championship sponsorship money from Laila Baker (Airmiles and Virgin Cola). It was unanimously agreed that the Treasurer should send a final notice to Laila Baker and if the money was not received by 2nd October 1999 he should issue a County Court Summons.

  1. Race Organisation

JS reported that next year's European Championships would be held on 15th and 16th July at Wycombe and that the London Youth Games (which the Region is helping to run with John Sharman) is likely to be run on the 24th June.

He also reported that an offer had been made to hold a European indoor Championship at the new Milton Keynes slope and that discussions were proceeding on this basis.

He reported that a small surplus had been made on the Regional Races this year all of which had been well attended.

He reported that Sally is liasing with John Bell at The Southern Ski Association to ensure that proposed dates for next season do not clash with their dates.

Chrissy Drake reported that slopes which host LSERSA events should not be asked to provide first aid materials from their own pocket. It was agreed that Chrissie Drake be given delegated authority to make payments to slopes to replenish their stock.

  1. Any other Business

English Ski Council Council Meeting

It was noted that there is an ESC Council Meeting on 9th October.

A draft resolution was placed before the meeting relating to matters regulating conflicts of interest and formulating a statement of duties of ESC Directors. The draft resolution was approved for submission to the English Ski Council.

It was agreed that in the event that either Charles Jerrett or Martin Bosher could not attend, John Shaw and David Grieg be appointed as alternates.

BSSF Congress - 17th October

It was reported that there would be a Congress meeting at RAF Henlow on the 17th October. It was noted that each member group is invited to take three delegates although previously more had been accepted on an unofficial basis.

Timing Equipment

Chris Drake stated that he had investigated various forms of radio timing equipment and was now in a position to proceed to make a purchase. It was unanimously agreed that he should be given a budget of £3,000 to purchase top quality equipment and TA pointed out that the BSSF have recently investigated the same area and have recommended Omega equipment which is advertised on the web-site

Confidential Item

There was one item of a confidential nature which is separately minuted.

  1. Date of next meeting

The date of the next meeting was set at 7.30 pm on 9th November 1999 at Bromley Slope. By the receipt of these minutes Sally Woods was asked whether she could kindly book a room.