London & South East

Minutes of the Executive Committee meeting held at 7.30pm on
Tuesday 9th November 1999 at Bromley Ski Slope.


Brenda Mills - Chairman
John Shaw - Treasurer
Tim Alcott - Secretary
David Greig
Alan Sandell
Martin Bosher - ESC Council Representative
Chris Drake - Equipment Officer
Matt Woods - Regional Coach
Sally Woods - Regional Race Convenor
Mike Hooles
Kay Whelan
Carl Miller

In attendance:


Charles Jerrett
Stephen Bray
Malcolm Erskine
Ian Noble
Joe Keyes


  1. Approval of last minutes

The minutes of the last meeting held on 28TH September 1999 were approved.

  1. BSCD

In the absence of Joe Keyes there was no report on disabled skiing matters.

  1. Schools

David Greig stated that he had delivered two boxes of the National Curriculum document to Terry Chapman of Crystal and that he believes that they have now been circulated.

It was noted that due to various other commitments JS and TA had not yet completed the job description for a Schools Representative but that JS agreed to prepare a draft for circulation prior to the next meeting.

  1. Squads

Matt Woods stated that there would be a selection day for the Regional Squad on 5th December for childrens age group and one year younger. He stated that there would be a nominal charge of ˙5 per athlete for the day.

There then followed a discussion relating to equipment for the Squad and other skiers within the region.

Matt Woods reported that he had discussed the availability and quality of the Elan skis mentioned in the last minutes with Graham Beck and that he had come to the conclusion that these skis are not ideal for the Regional Squad. It was agreed that he and Carl Miller would investigate the availability and price of suitable skis particularly Atomic skis to see whether the ˙3,000 which it is hoped would be available would provide an attractive price for Squad members on the basis of 50% of cost and to other athletes within the region at cost.

John Shaw undertook to purchase 100 pairs of bungs for race poles.

David Greig reported that he had not written to the importers of equipment directly as this would have prejudiced the relationship with some sponsors to the Region such as Bartletts of Hillingdon etc.

Chris Drake reported that he had successfully purchased timing gear which is Tag Heuer 705 and that the equipment had been tested and works more than adequately.

It was agreed that in the event of any member borrowing any of the RegionĂs equipment they should sign a formal undertaking that in the event of damage or loss they will make good any such loss to LSERSA including any excess payment on the insurance.

It was agreed that Chris Drake would pass the software of the new timing equipment to Alan Sandell who would ensure that it was compatible with existing computer equipment which is used at races.

JS reported that there was general dissatisfaction from the various coaches within the Region that the ESC Coaching scheme is not working as it should. Carl Miller pointed out that a Senior Clubs Instructors Award programme had recently been run at Bromley and that after the various Coaches had been tested and found satisfactory Alan Humphries of the ASSI has stated that unless they had paid up for the necessary course this qualification could not be granted.

It was agreed that a Regional Coaching Committee should be appointed so that these problems could be resolved even if it meant that at the end of the day some Coaches would need to register in Wales. Carl Miller and Matt Woods volunteered to put together a suitable Committee to meet as soon as possible.

  1. Finance

JS circulated a note of the current financial situation which shows that the bank balances are as follows:

Current £342
Capital Account £1070

He noted that £2,100 was due from Laila Baker relating to the sponsorship for the previous European Championships and that there will be a recovery of some ˙3,000 plus VAT from the Lottery Fund for the timing equipment.

He reported that insurance has been secured at the cost of £141.75 for the timing equipment and £89.38 for the video equipment.

JS also circulated a note relating to the current situation in terms of recovering the ˙2,100 owed by Laila Baker.

He stated that a judgment had been entered against Laila in the Central London County Court on the 8th November 1999 and that the Committee needed to agree to the next steps to be taken.

The Committee unanimously agreed to proceed with Court enforcement at a cost of a ˙45 fee and also asked John Shaw to approach the sponsorship, from whom the monies were first derived, being Air Miles and Virgin Cola, to see what monies were sent to Laila Baker and when.

JS also circulated to the Committee a report on the income and expenditure accounts for the English Ski Council for 1998 concerning the Alpine Squad. The Committee confirmed that they were far from happy with the state of the ESC Accounts and it was agreed to invite the acting Chairman of the ESC, Graham Beck, to the next meeting to discuss the detailed dissatisfaction with the accounts.

JS pointed out that he had received the document which proposed to be the final income and expenditure account for the Alpine Squad for the year only as a result of a legal action that he took against Andrew Jolly and the English Ski Council. The points that remain to be of concern are as follows :

  1. No inclusion under income of the £7,000 of Exchequer Contribution provided by Sports England.
  2. No expenditure shown in the ARC accounts for the use of Dennis Edwards as National Coach as Squad Coach or the office costs.

NB. His staff costs had been debited to the ARC budget.

  1. No provision for Wendy Bowen for office services although there is an allowance of ˙5,000 shown as a contribution to ARC.
  2. No mention of goods and services received from Snow & Rock.
  3. Inclusion of staff costs when the Board had categorically stated that only volunteers would be used to assist Dennis Edwards with his 8 Athletes and the only costs that could be paid were expenses. Contrary to this employment contracts were issued to Steven Edwards, Cindy Edwards and Dan Hardy and a part time cook.
  4. £1,700 miscellaneous items not satisfactorily explained.
  5. Inclusion of vehicle hire when the squad had two sponsorship vehicles provided for 8 athletes.
  6. An item of £3,400 for clothing which has never been explained.

JS reported that he had attended the previous Council meeting of the ESC and that the Regions proposal that all candidates for office should have to make a statement which includes the detailing of any outstanding County Court Judgements. He stated that this was not accepted by Council and the Committee agreed that even though that this had not been accepted that LSERSA should recommend to its clubs that they should not vote for any prospective candidate for any office who has not so declared.

As a result of the deliberations of the last Council meeting of the ESC it was agreed that there was not a sufficient level of confidence in the way in which the ESC is currently being managed and that the region should commence necessary action to call an EGM and to propose an alteration to the constitution of the ESC to provide for the voting base to be changed to that of any registered racer (or in the case of that person being under the age of 18 their nominated parent of guardian) any coaching ski member and any race official should have one vote at any general meeting.

  1. Race Organisation

Sally Woods reported that she has liased with John Bell of the Southern Region regarding the likely dates for Regional races for next season. She had also received provisional dates for ESC races from Alan West as set out in a table which shows the provisional dates for ESC races and the now fixed dates for Regional races.

Sally reported that Trudi Ridgeley from Wycombe will assist with race secretarial duties and that Steve Talbot is prepared to assist with race day race management.

Sally Woods asked what tasks the Region would have to carry out in aiding the management of the London Youth Games which is to be held on 24th June 2000. The secretary undertook to ask Eve Alcott to approach Sally to give her a briefing on this matter.

She confirmed that the European Championships will take place at Wycombe on the weekend of July 15th and 16th.

  1. BSSF Congress

TA reported on the meeting of Congress on the 17th October and a copy of the minutes thereof are attached to these minutes by way of a separate text file.

  1. Any Other Business

JS tabled an e-mail he received from Charles Jerrett giving his apologies for the meeting also making the following points. Quotes from Charles Jerrett:

ESC Council Resolution

I think we failed to get the whole of our proposal though because we hadnĂt done the ground work. Even those who are minded to support us were unaware of where we were coming from. Far too many people around that table perceived it (particularly the CCJ aspect) as a continuing attack on Chris Exall. I think we need to put together a reasoned and documented dossier on best practice for quasi-institutional governing bodies like ESC and circulate it after discussion with Midlands, Southern and Eastern at least. We have to convince people that in an era of shrinking grants we have to make ourselves look the shiniest of the shining.


On the coaching front, I understand that Benny Hill was true to the BoardĂs word and telephoned Andy Lockerbie. Andy in turn phoned Chris Exall who said that he did not want Andy involved because he would be "disruptive". BASI and the Scots are working together to integrate snow and plastic qualification and England is getting sidelined, not because of some concerted effort to ignore them but because they wonĂt join in. English Club Instructors are now doing Scottish ASSI courses because this will exempt them from BASI Foundation Courses. English Skiers and Instructors are suffering in consequence.

Planning Consent at Wycombe

Good News, Wycombe has been granted permission to build its Fitness/Health Club. The Region supported the application and look forward to working with Andy to make the facility available for Regional Squad training/biometrics etc.

Austrians coming to the European

I understand that Toby Fischel (an Anglo Austrian Instructor at Wycombe) is putting together an elite race training course under a leading Austrian Coach/Sport Scientist. They are talking about getting Austrian Children/Juniors to take part in the European (I only heard about this on Sunday afternoon and am putting together promo piece giving the history, background, aims etc. for Toby to use). I am getting more details."

  1. Date of next Meeting

It was agreed that the next meeting would be held at 7pm on 20th January 2000, at 1 Albemarle Street, London W1X 3HF.