London & South East Regional Snowsports Association

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The following is a list of LSERSA policies and procedures.

Not all of them are publicly available, only those that have clickable links, which are to PDF documents.

If you wish to look at any of the others then please apply to the Secretary (Sue Vale), the Chairman (Dick Greene) or the Vice-Chairman (Freddie Tetlow).

1LSERSA's Constitution
2LSERSA's Mission Statement
3Associate Membership
4Membership Benefits
5Race Format for Summer 2012 Race Series
6Data Protection Policy  
7Guide to Data Protection  
8Data Protection SAR form  
9Awards for Coach & Instructor Training
10Awards for Race Official Training
11Awards in case of Financial Hardship
12Application Form for Training Awards
13Equipment Insurance  
14Freestyle Squad Selection
15Alpine Squad Selection
16Alpine Squad Principles
17Equity Policy  
18Child Protection - Parental Participation
20Child Protection - Guide for Event Welfare Officers  
21Child Protection - Photographic & Recording Images
23Child Protection - Disclosure Form  
24Child Protection - List of Posts Requiring CRB or SD  
25Privacy Policy

Last updated: 18th August 2015