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ESSkiA (English Schools' Ski Association) aims to encourage skiing as a sport within schools, and wants to encourage as many students as possible to enjoy it at home and abroad. Each year they hold a series of Regional Qualifiers and the English Schools Championships, leading to selection for the British Schools Championships. See the ESSkiA web site for details.

Note that schools from the LSERSA region compete in several different ESSkiA regional qualifiers, for example those held at Southampton and Welwyn, in addition to those at Bromley.

The results are held on this web site for archival purposes. However ESSkiA have ruled that they cannot be published on the LSERSA web site but only on the ESSkiA web site. There are, therefore, no links to the results on the LSERSA web site. If you have any comments on that decision please direct them at ESSkiA.

Results for ESSkiA Qualifying Races, ESSkiA National Championships on the ESSkiA site.

However we can publish the startlists.


Startlist - Bromley Qualifier - Saturday 15th September

Schools in the LSERSA area compete in the qualifying races at Bromley, Southampton (both on Saturday 15th September) and Welwyn (on Sunday 16th September).

The British Schools' Artificial Slope Championships will be at Pontypool, on 18th November.

The ESSkiA National Finals will be at Norwich on Saturday/Sunday 6/7 October.


Startlist - Bromley Qualifier - Sunday 18th September

The British Schools' Artificial Slope Championships were at Hillend, Edinburgh, on 20th November.

The ESSkiA National Finals were at Stoke on Saturday/Sunday 8/9 October. Schools from the LSERSA Region won most of the categories and took several of the other podium steps.

The team winners from the region are: Danes Hill (U12 Boys), Danes Hill (U12 Girls), Cranmore (U14 Boys), Richard Challoner (U16 Boys), Surbiton (U16 Girls), Reeds (U19 Boys), Surbiton (U19 Girls), Reeds (Open Boys), Surbiton (Open Girls).

The individual winners from the region are: Joseph Davey, Cranmore (U14 Boys), James Sieber, Reeds (U19 Boys), Alice Macaulay, Surbiton (U19 Girls), Caroline Powell,Coopes Co. & Coburn (U19M Girls), James Sieber, Reeds (Open Boys).

See the full results on ESSkiA's web site: Teams, Individuals and Report (Local copy of all).

British Schools Indoor Snow Championships 2011 held on 8th May at Hemel: Results on ESSkiA site (local copy). Surbiton HS won the girls' race and Reed's won the boys' race.


Startlist - Bromley Qualifier - 18th September

The results of the British Schools' Artificial Slope Championships held at Stoke on 7th November and the ESSkiA National Finals held at Rossendale on Saturday/Sunday 9/10 October are published on ESSkiA's web site. All the teams from schools in the LSERSA area did well and in particular Surbiton teams excelled coming 1st and 2nd in both events.

Local copy of results: British, National and All Qualifiers.

For more about the National Championships see Results of the ESSkiA finals at Rossendale 9/10 October

Previous Years

2009     Startlist - Bromley Qualifier - 19th September
2008     Startlist - Bromley Qualifier - 20th September
2006     Startlist - Bromley Qualifier - 23rd September
2005     Startlist - Bromley Qualifier - 17th September

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