2019 Race Season

We use Ski Results for race entry as well as our results. Results from 1998 to 2016 are held in our archive.

Race entries close at 7pm on the Wednesday prior to race day so please ensure you complete your entry before this deadline to avoid disappointment.

Race entries may stay open for a limited time after this at an additional fee dependent on numbers, but this is solely at the discretion of the committee and once entries are finally closed, no more racers will be accepted.


LSERSA Summer Series
Race 1 Chatham Saturday 27th April Results
Race 2 Welwyn Saturday 8th June Results
Race 3 Brentwood Saturday 20th July Event entries
Race 4 Aldershot Sunday 8th September Event entries
Race 5 Chatham Sunday 29th September Event entries
Club National
Chatham Club National Chatham Saturday 15th June Results
Bromley Club National Chatham Sunday 16th June Results
School Competitions
Kent Schools Chatham Sunday 12th May More info & results
London Schools Welwyn Sunday 23rd June More info
ESSKIA Regional Various September, date tbc
Surrey Schools Aldershot Sunday 22nd September More info
Regional Competitions
Inter Regional Gloucester Sunday 7th July
LSERSA/Snowsport South City Event Chatham Saturday 12th October
Tri-Regional Chatham Sunday 13th October Ski Results link

Previous seasons

Season overall

The season winners (best male and female, best club, and all age groups) can be found on Ski Results.


LSERSA Summer Series
Race 1 Chatham Sunday 29th April Results
Race 2 Brentwood Saturday 2nd June Results
Race 3 Welwyn Sunday 10th June Results
Race 4 Aldershot Sunday 2nd September Results
Race 5 Chatham Saturday 13th October Results
School Competitions
Kent Schools Chatham Sunday 6th May More info
London Schools Welwyn Sunday 24th June More info
ESSKIA Regional Various Sunday 16th September
Surrey Schools Aldershot Sunday 30th September More info
Regional Competitions
Tri-Regional Chatham Sunday 14th October Results

Special Cups

Good Effort Lauren Aley (HEM) Harvey Stanley (PRE)
Chairmans Awards Eddie Meadway (FLK) and Evie Whitmarsh-Ali (CHT)
Best Newcomer Adam Cornick (CHT)
Most Improved Stella Pople (BOW)
Bursary Oliver England (FLK) and Spencer Ciloglu Can (CHT)
Eve Alcott The Wakeling family (BOW)
Matthew Owens John Ali (CHT)
LSERSA Summer Series
Race 1 Welwyn Saturday 29th April Results
Race 2 Brentwood Sunday 7th May Results
Race 3 Brentwood Saturday 17th June Results
Race 4 Aldershot Sunday 2nd July Results
Race 5 Welwyn Sunday 8th October Results
School Competitions
Kent Schools Brentwood Saturday 6th May Results Website
London Schools Welwyn Sunday 18th June Results More info
Surrey Schools Aldershot Sunday 1st October Results Website
Regional Competitions
Tri-Regional Welwyn Saturday 14th October

LSERSA Summer Series

LSRESA runs a summer series each year. Race format is:

  • three individual slalom runs
  • three individual head-to-head dual slaloms
  • club- and fun-team dual slaloms

Provisional race day schedule is:

08:00 Open practice
08:00 Race office opens for bib issue
09:00 Course setting
09:20 Course inspection
09:45 Start of first individual runs; followed by
Individual head-to-heads
Club and scratch (fun) teams
Prize giving

Trophies are awarded at each event for top three in age group, based on combined best two times from the individual slalom runs.

There are also overall trophies for each group for the season. This is based on points, which are earned based on age-group position at each individual race, together with the individual head-to-heads. A racer must score points in three races to be eligible for the overall, and points are taken from the best four events.

Age groups for the current, previous and following year are available on GBSki.com.

Race rules.

Personal Conduct

We wish to remind all racers, coaches, parents and spectators that appropriate personal conduct is expected at all LSERSA events. Whilst a competitive atmosphere is to be encouraged, inappropriate or unsportsmanlike behaviour will not be tolerated and can ultimately lead to sanctions, including suspension from LSERSA events. Examples of such behaviour include: equipment abuse, swearing, aggressive behaviour, discrimination of any form, heated arguments, disrespect shown to any official or volunteer. All LSERSA events are "family friendly" environments with appropriate behaviour to be demonstrated at all times.

Equipment Requirements

Please note that minimum appropriate equipment and clothing rules apply at LSERSA races. You must wear suitable protection for your arms and legs including long trousers, long sleeve shirt, which must cover the midriff, and gloves. Helmets must be worn, and these must comply as a minimum to EN1077 (with a visible marking as such) and be in good condition without signs of damage. Add-on items such as camera mounts, or protruding edges, spoilers or visors are not permitted. LSERSA advise the use of the manufacturers' approved chin guard when racing through full gates. Ski poles with a diameter of less than 15mm must be fitted with suitable tip protectors to increase the tip diameter to 15mm. These requirements are compulsory for all racers in all groups.

The protective qualities of all safety helmets and face guards are affected by age and use. Some older helmets and face guards that have been damaged either in racing by a fall or by other impact may no longer provide sufficient protection — even if there are no visible indications of damage. LSERSA neither specifies nor makes warranties as to the fitness for use of any particular ski helmet or face guard nor assumes any responsibilities or duties to any competitor by requiring the use of a helmet or face guard. For more information see The British Ski and Snowboard Guide to Helmets for Alpine Racing.