Regional Race Training is held at Chatham on Saturday mornings (9-11am).

Training is held at Chatham on Saturday mornings between 9 and 11am. Sessions are open to racers of all levels. The sessions are run by Andrew Atkinson and Jim Gibb, and are £21 per racer. Training covers technique, race tactics, skills and drills, and includes stubby and full gate courses.

Please join the LSERSA facebook group to get regular updates, and email Andy Atkinson at for more information and to register for session invites and notifications.

The regional training sessions are open to all skiers, no club affiliation or membership is required. We cater for all skiing abilities, so if you want to try ski racing, but are unsure of your ability level, this is the perfect session to give it a go. Our coaches are very supportive of new trainees and will make sure you can progress at your own pace. If you are still unsure, why not come along to a session just to watch and then have a chat with the coaches afterwards.

Training Points

We held a competition this winter (from November to April), timing runs on the first training session of the month. Points were awarded in four categories (male, female, U12 male, U12 female), and trophies awarded at the end of the season for the winner of each category (required a minimum 4 timed sessions attended). Points were awarded each session based on fastest single run as follows:

1st15 points
2nd12 points
3rd10 points
4th8 points
5th6 points
6th4 points
7th3 points
8th3 points
9th2 points
10th1 points

Timing and final standings

Latest standings online excel